Pantone announced that 18-3838 Ultra Violet will reign supreme as the color of the year in 2018. Pantone, the self- proclaimed global color expert, decides on colors from searching the world for trending colors in everything from the cosmos to cars. With many different colors chosen in the past, not even Prince himself could have guessed this year's color choice. In previous years, many other colors have been chosen, but none as provocative and thoughtful as this.

Why violet?

Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute, says the color choice simply mirrors what our world needs, harmony.

Pantone believes that Blue And Red, the same colors seen in America's politics, can become a more beautiful hue of purple when fused effortlessly. Just as the colors mesh perfectly, Pantone hopes to see the same happen in the world we live in.

Pantone explains the hue as a vividly stimulating and thoughtful purple shade. Pantone believes that the hue connects to the best way to move toward the future, taking two things that are drastically different (blue and red) and creating something beautiful out of that difference.

Pantone's official definition of the color describes it as multifaceted and thoughtful. It is intriguing and questions what we think we know. It holds possibilities and is limitless.

It allows us to imagine a world beyond our own.

What does this mean for design houses?

After the Spring 2018 fashion cycle, trend analysts mentioned the purple-hued color in their reports with design houses such as Rochas, La Perla, Gucci and more revealing ultraviolet looks on the runway.

Michael Murphy, trends and interior design producer at Lamps Plus, commented that this color reveals optimism and confidence.

He also regarded it as inclusive because of the mixing of such strong colors (blue and red).

Interior designer Mark Cutler says that home decorators have been waiting for a color as luxurious, strong, grounded, and versatile as this.

We can't forget our icons

Mysterious purples have long been symbolic in pop culture. Musical icons such as Prince and Jimi Hendrix brought shades of ultraviolet to the vanguard of individual expression.

Mysterious and leaving room for the expression of multiple feelings, this hue symbolizes investigation and non-conformity, creating a space for people to freely be themselves, push boundaries and express in the ways that suit them the most.