It has been a year since singer Prince succumbed to death leaving his fans shattered worldwide. One year ago on April 21, 2016, at the age of 57 Prince died due to accidental fentanyl opioid overdose. On his first death anniversary, fans from all walks of life paid tribute to the purple rain singer.

Remembering Prince

The rock and pop sensation’s fans from all over the globe gathered at Paisley Park, which now has been turned into a museum, for a celebration extending for four days. The festivity will be marked by Prince’s songs performed by his former bandmates and will also have a panel discussion on the iconic singer and performer.

In Prince’s memory, First Avenue, the club he made famous in his song “Purple Rain,” will also be organizing a street party.

Attendance will be free of cost for fans as they remember him on his death anniversary. Minnesota History Center will also host an exhibition of Prince Memorabilia. This will include the costume he wore in Purple Rain.

What set apart Prince?

Grief over celebrity deaths is not uncommon or unusual. However, the sadness exhibited over Prince is different because he was different. Unlike most celebrities, Prince’s public image during his lifetime was not marred by scandals, and he looked almost ageless every time he went on stage to perform. Prince helped many accept themselves through his songs and styling.

He was adored by women and was considered a man even with his high heels and makeup. The 57-year-old singer led a mysterious life and grudgingly joined social media. Similar to his elusive life, his sudden demise is also shrouded in mysteries with investigators still trying to sort out circumstances to explain his death.

Even, one year after his death, Prince’s fans could not fathom the fact that the singer died due to a drug overdose, especially when he held the reputation of a clean and healthy lifestyle.

Fans are still grappling with Prince’s sudden death, and some have termed it as "a lingering, festering hurt for a long time."

Celebrities pay homage

Many famous artists like Chaka Khan and Nile Rodgers took to Twitter and Instagram to express their grief for the deceased singer. American actor Rosario Dawson shared a picture of a rain-splattered glass with the NYC city in the background on a rainy day.

She captioned the picture as, “Purple Rain in NYC in honor of his majesty Prince and his Purple Reign... #LegendsNeverDie.” Few other celebrities who remembered Prince on his first death anniversary were Ava DuVernay, R. Kelly, Corrine Bailey Rae, and much more. Chaka Khan tweeted a photo of Prince and her.