Weight loss often finds happy surprises for people struggling with morbid obesity. After shedding crippling pounds, formerly obese folks discover mobility, health, and sometimes new relationships. Reality television star Nikki Webster of "My 600-lb Life" is bubbling over on Facebook about some wonderful changes in her life since gastric bypass surgery on TLC.

Nikki Webster tries on jeans for the first time

For most of her life, 650-lb Nikki was consigned to wearing dresses and skirts. There were no jeans or slacks large enough to accommodate the extra 500 pounds.

The "My 600-lb Life" reality TV star didn't own any pants. But after bariatric surgery, she'd achieved a 413-lb weight loss by May 2017. Ms. Webster decided it was time to drop the skirt and pull up the pants. A YouTube video showed her trying on jeans and--drumroll--not only did they fit, she felt "very cute" in them!

Nikki keeps winning at weight loss

But there's more good news! The YouTube video aired in November, two years after TLC Dr. Younan Nowzaradan performed gastric bypass surgery on "My 600-lb Life." Now, the reality television celebrity has lost even more weight. Nikki is down to 194--that's a whopping 456 pounds lost! Dr. Now will often do skin removal surgery--a full-body tummy tuck type of plastic surgery, on patients who lose big.

Not all show celebrities qualify, though. Laura Perez, who now goes by Angelika Pacheco, lost around 500 pounds but lupus prevents further procedures.

A fairytale ending

Actually, it's a beginning. Because jeans aren't the only new things for the "My 600-lb Life" celebrity. She also rocked a wedding dress as newlywed Mrs. Marcus Gray.

Nikki Gray shared photos of the happy couple on Facebook. That's another cool thing about weight loss: The joy and confidence it brings. Some folks come to Dr. Now in very dysfunctional relationships with controlling and enabling partners. Some are abusive or in other ways hurtful. Lupe Samano's was cheated on by her ex, while claiming to be supportive.

Amber Rachdi was in an unhealthy relationship too.

Weight loss surgery show returns Jan. 10

Others, like Steven Assanti's father, are just too helpful. They literally kill their loved ones with kindness and care. But losing weight gains formerly obese people the self-esteem to make more positive choices and care for themselves. TLC announced a new Season 6 of "My 600-lb Life" will begin airing on Jan. 10. Reality show viewers will see the lives of 17 dangerously overweight people in some very toxic relationships. But stories like Nikki Gray's give hope that they can find healing weight loss too.