Kate Gosselin may be headed for a crash. It's reported that the mother of eight is going broke since her reality TV show "Kate Plus 8" fizzled. Ex-husband Jon Gosselin is getting closer to gaining custody of their children. And folks are starting to doubt Kate's version of the Collin Gosselin story. Reports by Hollywood Life and Radar Online provided information used in this article.

Kate Gosselin running on empty

Kate's out of money, sources say. No one disputes that raising twins and sextuplets is expensive. But reality television is pretty lucrative.

It's so good that many Celebrities have come to rely on it. Even the frugal Duggars of "19 Kids and Counting" have begun "Counting On" with TLC to support their mega-family. Kate Gosselin, who was supposedly the brains behind "Jon & Kate Plus 8" fell into that same trap. Beyond reality television, she has no source of income and no Plan B. When TLC aired only three episodes of her show in 2017, Plan A failed.

Kate's empire toppling?

Since the inception of "Jon & Kate Plus 8," viewers could see that Mrs. Gosselin was in charge. Some praised her for keeping order and blamed Jon Gosselin for being a pushover. But others saw that the manager mom could easily turn into a control freak. Since the divorce, Kate has thwarted all Jon's efforts to be part of his kids' lives and then faulted him for being an "absent dad." The reality show celebrity doesn't have custody and only gets to see whichever children his wife lets him see.

He had no say in the fate of son Collin either.

Whatever happened to Collin Gosselin?

In 2016, the "Kate Plus 8" celebrity announced that Collin Gosselin was living at a "special school." She claimed he had problems which made it impossible for him to live at home. Since then, fans haven't seen anything of the tween. Birthdays and holidays have come and he's never in the pictures.

Kate shared Christmas photos and guess what--no Collin. Folks are beginning to wonder what kind of "school" keeps a kid locked up for Christmas and what kind of mother won't let her son celebrate his birthday with his family.

Kate's veracity questioned

Some wonder if 13-year-old Collin is in a psych hospital or juvenile detention center.

The boy would not be placed in these facilities unless he had broken the law or had certifiable mental issues. These would be temporary placements only. His father would also be informed and Jon says he never was. Further, private schools and treatment centers are incredibly expensive. If Kate is in money trouble, she may be forced to bring Collin home. With no TLC earnings from "Kate Plus 8," she may also need to get help from her ex, which will give him more say over the children.