Derick Dillard is not exactly the favored son after scam charities, dubious fundraisers and harassment of transgender teen Jazz Jennings. Since his expulsion from TLC "Counting On", he and wife Jill Duggar Dillard are trying a new way approach to ministry by converting Muslims to Christianity. It's started an epic holy war on Instagram, not so much among followers of Islam as other with Christians. What's up the "19 Kids and Counting" couple now?

Dillards force-feed Christianity to Muslims?

On their Dillard Family Ministry blog, the former celebrities of "Counting On" boasted that they invited Arab students from the University of Arkansas to dine with them for the holidays (that would be the Christian holiday of Christmas).

They were fed an "American" meal (aka probably not halal) and read to from the Bible. Derick says the goal is to save souls from Islam. The reality television stars' Instagram post met with criticism over "religious intolerance." The couple was accused of feigning friendship while shaming beliefs, just as Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar use"19 Kids and Counting" Reality TV to push their anti-LGBT anti-Catholic, anti-everything but Duggar agenda.

Derick Dillard called on 'mission'

Dillard bragged that his pastor was kind enough to take one Muslim Ph.D. student hunting because he seemed receptive to the gospel. The irony of Derick's lack of education was not lost on Twitter followers. None of the Duggars has so much as a Bachelor Degree.

Yet they feel qualified to instruct people with four times the education. The former "Counting On" star has been running a not-so-successful GoFundMe to pay tuition to a non-accredited Bible school and before that a had a charity fundraiser pulled for violation of non-profit terms. Even Derick and Jill Dillard's "missionary work" on "19 Kids and Counting" was proved disingenuous.

Jill's parenting classes questioned

At these holiday meals, Muslim women were given talks on pregnancy and childcare. Jill and sister Jessa Seewald of "Counting On" have two toddlers each. It's curious they feel so confident teaching parenting classes having only done it a few years. Some social media followers felt it was patronizing to the Arab women and not a good Christian example.

Another interesting segue in this was the criticism of Muslim women for wearing hijab or burqa. "19 Kids and Counting" mom Michelle Duggar preaches modesty in dress and covering the body against sexual temptation. Similarities between the dress code of the Duggars and the Qu'ran have been noted.