Meghan Markle is already changing things up with the Royal family in a good way. Not only is she the first African-American to become apart of the Royal family, she will also be the very first Royal fiancee to spend Christmas with them.

This year's Royal pre-Christmas lunch at Buckingham Palace was be attended by more than just the Royal family. Prince Harry is reported to have brought along his beautiful and talented U.S. actress fiancee, Meghan Markle. Not to stop there she is also reported to spending Christmas with the Royal family, opening gifts and heading to the church with them.

The Cambridges arrived slightly before them, with William driving to the palace with his wife by his side and their two young children riding in the back accompanied by their nanny Maria Borrallo. Princess Alexandra and Prince and Princess Michael of Kent were also in attendance at the pre-Christmas lunch.

The annual traditional gathering of the Royal family

Queen Elizabeth II hosts a holiday lunch every year with relatives before she leaves to spend Christmas in her estate in Norfolk. Photographed arriving at the palace was the happy couple, who announced their engagement in November. Prince Harry was seen behind the wheel along with Meghan who was sitting on the passenger side. She was wearing a beautiful lace self-portrait dress along with a pair of diamond earrings from fine jewelry brand Briks.

This festive lunch did not only give Meghan a look into the life as a Royal and what is to come in her future, but also a chance to meet and mingle with distant relatives of the Royal family before her wedding. The two are set to get married on May 19 next year and with the date quickly arriving this get-together could be just the thing to break the ice.

Breaking tradition

Even though Meghan's invitation is unusual for the families tradition of couples having to wait until after marriage before being allowed to spend Christmas in Norfolk, many are not surprised.

Apparently, the Queen is quite found of Prince Harry and will "always say yes" to him. He simply had to ask for an exception for his bride to be and it was done.

Meghan Markle is making her way into the Royal family's heart and winning everyone over. Prince Harry even reportedly showed the Queen clips of his Fiancee in her show, "Suits".

Smooth sailing

With all of the good news being reported, it may be safe to say that this union will be a happy one that will bring joy and good fortune to both nations. This is just a taste of what to come next year. With their wedding and hopefully news of a future child from them, I am sure we will have lots to celebrate.