With all of the recent Buzz on the passion of the "Rick and Morty" fanbase and their love for a special Szechuan sauce mentioned in the show, it is hard to imagine that there are still many people out there who have never watched, let alone heard of the popular adult animated series. So if you are one of those unlucky few who are out of the loop on this Sci-fi dark comedy I am here to give you just a peek into why "Rick and Morty" have become such a fan favorite.

Get Hooked

The show centers around Rick, who has been deemed the smartest man in the Universe, and his grandson, Morty.

In the beginning, the two went on wacky adventures together throughout multiple universes, causing mayhem and chaos with their shenanigans along the way. But as the series continues the comedic aspect of the story starts becoming second hand to the rapidly growing dark undertones of the plot and characters storylines.

The show touches topics such as suicidal thoughts, abandonment issues, God complex, depression, teen angst, alcoholism, failing marriage, and self-sabotage to name a few. The main character, Rick Sanchez, is either the cause of all of these issues or is suffering from them himself.

Overall he is seen as the lovable jackass that tends to ruin every relationship he has one way or another with his toxic attitude towards life and nihilistic philosophies.

If he inst pushing the people he cares about away he is tearing at their self-morals and corrupting them in a way that fits his.

Still, beneath all of that negativity and self-loathing, there is a guy that is, for lack of a better term, human. And it is that humanity that makes him such a lovable character.

For example, in one episode he and his grandchildren somewhat break time.

This causes multiple timeline fragments of the same universe. In one of these fragments, Rick actually selflessly sacrifices himself in order to save his grandson, Morty. Of course, he finds a way to save himself as well, but for a moment the gesture revealed a side of him that is a very rare thing to see. That deep, and I do mean deep, down underneath that cold selfish shell of a man is an actual person who loves and cares for others as well as himself.

Why It's so good

The Fans that watch and enjoy the show, each can see a bit of themselves in Rick. They bond with his actions and feel connected to him on a deeper level because they believe that just maybe if they were in a similar situation they would do the same things. He is the personification of everything horrible that lives in all of us while also accepting this about himself and living his life in an unapologetic manner the way most of us wish we could.

That being said Rick isn't the only character that fans bond with. Many of the fans feel a connection with Morty, Rick's grandson as mentioned before. While Rick is more on the absurdist side of things, Morty starts off a little bit more optimistic.

Though that quickly changes as the series goes on and Morty is exposed to the horrors of the universe, that little bit of faith and innocence in him has somehow kept its spark for now. Morty still tries to look for the fun and good in things. It's this unwillingness to give up that keeps him fighting so hard for his relationship with Rick.

Cause for some reason, after all the time, spent together and after seeing Rick for who he truly is, Morty still believes that Rick can change or at least surprise him. Morty knows Rick better than anyone else and arguably even more than Rick knows himself.

Some examples showing just how well he knows Rick can be seen in the episode when Rick turns himself into the Galactic Federation, the episode when Rick escapes custody, and in the episode when Rick and Morty go to help The Vindicators.

Morty still has a bit of that genuine innocence in him that gives him the urge to find it in others. He doesn't always find it and is often disappointed when he is proven wrong but for some reason, he keeps hoping.

Getting deep

It is this sense of what could be, whether unrealistic or not, that has fans also hoping for something better. For a lesson to be learned, for a spark of change, or even just a moments happiness for their favorite characters. Because in a lot of ways people watch tv to escape the reality they face every day. And when they see a character they relate to get a positive outcome instead of the negative one they know oh so well it keeps them invested and wanting more.

So if you haven't watched Rick and Morty yet and are wanting something that will definitely make you feel something different each episode, I highly suggest you get to it and catch up on the first three seasons now while you can.

Season 4 won't be released for a while but that doesn't stop fans from getting excited about any news that comes.