When Matt Lauer started this week Monday, he had no idea that by the end of it he would have lost his $20 million job at NBC, his reputation ruined, and his wife of 20 years would have left the country and gone back to her native home in the Netherlands.

According to Page Six on Saturday, Annette Roque took their children Romy, 14, and Thijs, 11, out of school. Jack, 16, is attending prep school near Manhattan. It was unclear if the mother took the children with her or left them at home. After all, Matt is now a stay-at-home dad.

Matt Lauer's marriage

Roque is Lauer's second wife who filed for divorce back in 2006. She cited cruel and inhumane treatment. She said he was controlling and was often angry and hostile toward her. A month later, the couple reconciled and the divorce was called off while Roque was pregnant with their youngest child. It was reported at the time that Lauer paid her $5 million to stay married to him to protect his reputation.

Even though the divorce was called off, it was no secret that the reclusive wife and her well-known husband have led separate lives for the last ten years.

She lived in their Sag Harbor, Long Island home, and he lived in their Park Avenue apartment during the week.

Timeline of Matt's week

Matt was on the "Today" show on Monday and Tuesday as usual. On Tuesday night he received a call from NBC News Chairman Andrew Lack informing him about a serious complaint against him from a colleague accusing him of inappropriate workplace behavior that began during the 2014 Winter Olympics and continued afterward.

Lack believed the allegation had enough merit to warrant the immediate firing of Lauer. The chairman indicated that he did not believe it was an isolated case. Since then at least eight women have given similar reports to Vanity and the New York Times.

About ten minutes before the "Today" was about to air on Wednesday, the staff was told about the firing.

Anchor Savannah Guthrie gave an emotional report about the reason Lauer wasn't there. That was the news at the top of the hour on the other "Today" shows and every talk show during the day and with the comedians on Wednesday night.

On Thursday, Savannah read a statement from Matt. He said some of the information was either untrue or miscalculated, but enough of it was true enough to make him feel embarrassed and ashamed. While Lauer's current wife has not spoken out about her husband's downfall, his ex-wife Nancy Alspaugh defended him in an interview on Thursday.

On Friday, Lauer's lawyers were looking over his contract trying to get him a $30 million payout on the remainder of the time left on his 2018 agreement. Because of the moral clause, NBC is not obligated to pay him anything beyond his last day on the show which was Tuesday, November 28.

What's next for Matt Lauer? At this time, not even Lauer knows.