Kelly Clarkson makes no bones about being a very real mom and a very real woman. The consummate singer-songwriter has been out doing a blitz of guest spots and promotions for her latest album, “Meaning of Life,” and her Christmas children's book, “River Rose and the Magical Christmas,” inspired by her daughter and her own memories of Christmas. Despite her calendar being completely booked, Kelly Clarkson made room to help James Corden wind his way through LA traffic on “The Late Late Show” for November 29. The Texas native and first “American Idol” title taker took on everything from her biggest hits to nurture rhymes and fast food customer service lingo without missing a beat.

A night out is a rare treat for Kelly Clarkson and her manager-husband, Brandon Blackstock, so James Corden topped off his rolling sonic surprise with Kelly by treating the couple to all the romance they could handle in the backseat and an orchestra in front.

Proving the pipes

It's no surprise to anyone that Kelly Clarkson can meet and surpass any vocal expectation in song. What surprised her, like so many of James Corden's “shotgun riders,” is how perfectly he syncs up note for note with her powerful harmonies. Kelly Clarkson utters “Dang” and “Ga,” those uniquely Southern exclamations of approval, no less than four times while she and Corden sing from her catalog, and like Adele, her eyes convey complete approval.

“So dramatic,” Kelly exclaims of her “Since You've Been Gone,” and Corden heightens the dramatic effect, all while driving. The late-night host only described her voice with a hand gesture of her range before challenging her to sing “Do you want the receipt, or shall I put it in the bag?” The question so often asked at the drive-through window sounds more genteel phrased British way, but Kelly Clarkson learned her way around all sorts of waitressing and server jobs in club growing up and Burleson, Texas.

One of the perks she saw in auditioning for “American Idol” was that she would have free food and rent for several weeks, and could give up living from her car.

Naturally, Kelly nailed the task with a flourish and a laugh, and her nursery rhyme that she sings to her toddler son, Remington Alexander was so soothing that James Corden nearly nodded off for a nap.

Seatbelts couldn’t contain the full choreography from coming on with “Love So Soft,” before discussions went deeper.

High-profile recommendation and a moment of romance

Kelly Clarkson and James Corden delivered a killer collaboration on Stronger,” and James commended Clarkson's mention of inspiration in Hillary Clinton’s book, “What Happened.” The songwriter with a string of female-empowering anthems is right alongside Frederich Nietzsche in getting credit for deriving strength from adversity. Corden chimes in that he also won “Philosophers Idol.” Kelly also describes her childhood dream of being a marine biologist.

More stunning harmony happens with “Because of You,” before James pulls his own surprise for Kelly, asking her to transfer to the backseat, then bringing in a tablecloth covered surface for sparkling cider served in flutes, and chocolate covered strawberries.

Hubby Brandon Blackstock scoots in, wearing his shades. Kelly falls right into relaxation. “We're here, no kids, it's a date,” she says. Her sweetie takes a distinctly different approach, relating that “It feels like we’re making a porn!” Even the violinist in the front seat cracks up. James Corden gives an emergency interruption, saying "That is not what you're supposed to say!” to start a romantic dinner. The couple resumes the quiet conversation, but Blackstock still struggles to keep things intimate, saying that he received “a farm report” as his main subject.

Oh well, at least James Corden tried. Maybe Kelly can put her CD on to play and let sparks of passion with hubby fly a little later.