VIZIN is showing once again that Drag Queens are beginning to make big waves in the music scene. VIZIN's recent single "You make me feel (Mighty Real)" has reached fantastic success entering the Billboard chart. ‘You make me feel (Mighty Real)’ has ended up charting the Billboard dance club songs chart at number 48 ahead of Taylor Swifts "Ready for it."

Whilst this success is fantastic the rise of drag queens being appreciated in the music industry is a slow one. Many people are missing out on the fantastic talent these queens have to offer. Regardless of how talented they are, they will always be taken as just a man in drag.

This is, of course, being ridiculous as it’s a character which is the forefront of the talent, just as David Bowie did with Ziggy Stardust.

Charting success

What makes VIZIN’s charting position that little more special is having achieved this success without having to appear on ‘RuPaul's Drag Race.’ The only two non-drag race queens to accomplish this are legendary queens Lady Bunny and Divine.

VIZIN describes the pros and cons of not appearing on the show “There is a certain amount of pressure; but Drag Race is such an entity all on its own now, that it has opened up avenues and opportunities for queens like myself to explore outside of the show. There are good and bad parts just because everyone is a critic now and there seems to be a standard of drag now that queens are unfairly held to.”

But the queen is honest and open about applying for Drag Race.

“I’ve considered it but never thought I was ready. However, moving out here and meeting people like my creative director Leo Madrid has made me realize I can be successful outside of the show.”

The power of drag

‘You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)' is the follow-up single to VIZIN’s earlier 2017 single for “I Was Born This Way,” a reimagined version of the 1975 song originally written by Chris Spierer for Motown artists Valentino and Carl Bean.

Vizin’s profile has been on the rise from her sensational weight loss to her music featuring in famous designer Marco Marco’s catwalk show ‘A night in the red light.’

Talking of her love of drag, VIZIN explains how drag found her “I like to say, I didn’t choose drag, drag chose me. I was probably the gayest little boy you could imagine.”

The star went on to achieve personal goals by losing a impressive 500 pounds and she is now down to a slimming 200 pounds.

VIZIN explains it was her mother that inspired her to be healthy and lose the weight. “I had been a big kid my entire life and was used to being supersized. Eventually, I realized I wasn’t going anywhere and something had to change. If it weren’t for my mother, that change never would have come. She put me on the path to having gastric bypass surgery and inspired me with her support to lose the weight.”

Check out VIZIN’s single ‘You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)’ accompanied by the fantastic video available on YouTube starring ‘RuPaul drag race’ queens Manilla Luzon and Mariah Balenciaga.