Does the Duggar family ever get a break from being constantly in the news? The answer to that question is probably a no as the Duggar family is in the news again for all the wrong reasons. This time they are in the headlines because Michelle and Jim Bob are making their kids do lots of work around the house now that the older children are leaving to get married and start families of their own. By making the kids do lots of work at such a young age, it has made some fans online question the parenting techniques of the couple. You can continue to read below to find out what some fans are saying about the Parenting Skills of Michelle and Jim-Bob, with most of the information coming from a report by Hollywood Gossip.

What are people saying about the Duggar’s parenting techniques?

As you can tell from reading above, people are not very happy with the parenting techniques of the Duggar parents, as some see their parenting as kind of cruel to the Duggar children. For example, Jim-Bob has said in an interview with "Parenting Magazine" that the kids don’t get paid for doing any type of work around the house. That means there are kids around the house doing work for free and no real reward.

By the kids being so young and not getting any money or reward for helping around the Duggar home, it has made many people criticize the parenting by the couple. You see, Michelle uploaded a picture online and the photo is of some of the younger Duggar kids working in the kitchen.

By the kids working at a young age, it has made some online commenters annoyed. One commenter wrote, “Chores are one thing but making a 1-year-old use a vacuum or mop that’s way bigger than them isn’t right.” While another fan wrote “[D]oes [Michelle Duggar] ever really do anything? She’s always taking pictures and narrating but the kids are doing the work.” I have attached the Facebook photo below so you can see what all the controversy is about.

What is the rest of the Duggar family up to now?

The Duggar family has appeared a lot in the news over these past few months. For instance, Jill Duggar’s husband, Derick Dillard, was recently kicked off the family’s reality television show “Counting On,” because he made some transphobic remarks online. The television network, TLC, fired him for these transphobic comments because they didn’t want his views to be associated with their network. You are always able to catch up with the family in their television series “Counting On” or you can follow them on their social media accounts.