Actress Molly Jackson is scheduled to appear in episodes of “Andi Mack” after having just been featured on “American Vandal” and another show called “Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn.”

Molly has appeared in shows that range from horror to comedy, to drama. Molly has acted on both stage and screen. She starred in a thriller movie titled “Circle” and participated in “The Shadow Guide: Prologue," which is a short film that blends fantasy with science fiction. Molly is also a voice-over artist who provided narration for characters in “Mr. Peabody & Sherman” and “Inside Out.”

Although she was born into a military family in Germany, Molly now lives in California.

When not acting, she climbs rocks, saves dogs, and plays the ukulele. Molly recently discusses her career, interests, projects, and more courtesy of an exclusive interview.

Television shows, characters, and episodes

Meagan Meehan (MM): How did you land a gig on “Andi Mack”?

Molly Jackson (MJ): I got a same day audition for Iris and found out I booked the job several days later. It was a super quick process. Usually there is at least one callback. I flew out within the week, to Salt Lake City, Utah, to film. It's nice to have a quick audition process once in a while.

MM: What character do you play and what intrigues you about them?

MJ: I play Iris, who is Cyrus' girlfriend. I like how she sees the best in people, and has a variety of people in her life.

She is kind of everyone's friend. She gets along with "The Good Hair Crew", but also is one of Amber's closet friends.

MM: What episodes do you appear in and what are they about?

MJ: I appear in four episodes, and one of those is an hour long. They all teach valuable lessons that show kids growing up, and having to deal with the real world.

MM: What other Television Shows and/or other projects are impending?

MJ: I just filmed a kid's pilot, and I am waiting to hear news on whether or not it got picked up to series. I had the time of my life on set, and my cast mates were the coolest. It filmed in Park City, Utah so I got to see my Andi Mack cast a bit too.

MM: Do you have any movie tours coming up?

MJ: No, I don't. I have been working mainly in TV, but would love to work on a movie soon!

Broadway, acting, and rescuing dogs

MM: Do you still do stage acting and, if so, what’s planned?

MJ: I haven't done stage acting in about six-seven years. I miss it a lot, and would love to do more soon. It would be a dream to get to do Broadway someday!

MM: You rescue dogs, do have you any touching new rescue stories?

MJ: Where we live now there aren't many strays, which is awesome. So, we spend our time volunteering with shelters instead. We have five dogs, so we can't legally rescue any more.

MM: Is there anything else going on that you want to discuss?

MJ: Be sure to follow me on Instagram (@Molly.Jackson) and Twitter (@Molly_C_Jackson). You can keep up with everything I am doing on there.