In "The Walking Dead" midseason finale we saw what was definitely the biggest shocker this show has ever done as it was revealed that Carl Grimes, a series regular since the very beginning, got bitten. Also, judging by what Chandler Riggs, the actor who portrays Carl, said in an interview with "Hollywood Reporter," the zombie bite will be fatal just like it was many times before as the actor revealed that his character would die in Season 8 Episode 9 (airing Feb. 25).

However, when asked about the reason for killing Carl, the actor accidentally spoiled the ending of Season 8.

But before we delve into what exactly he said, let's explain how and when he got bitten.

The important detail everyone missed

Many fans are still confused about this whole zombie bite thing, wondering when, where and how Carl got bitten despite the fact that he said that it happened while he was with Siddiq. But to clear up any confusion let's take a closer look at the scene down below from two episodes ago.

Of course, we don't actually see the bite as the camera quickly pans away, but if you pause the scene at the right moment (1:29), you'd realize that this is when Carl gets bitten. He even looks down for a moment at 1:53, and then when he gets up, you can see the bite mark on his shirt.

What did Chandler Riggs say about Carl's death?

Now, back to that interview, Chandler Riggs did with "Hollywood Reporter." The actor said that he was shocked to learn about Carl's death from the show's executive producer Scott Gimple.

However, when he was asked about Gimple's reasoning in killing Carl, Chandler said that this was because he was trying to bridge the gap between Rick not wanting to kill Negan and Rick also wanting to kill him.

Because in the comics there's a hole between Rick slitting his throat at the end of the "All Out War" arc and the time jump where Negan is alive and in prison. For that to make sense, Scott made Carl this humanitarian person who believes that all people can change and that there's no point in killing every Savior out there.

So killing Carl off fits all of that really well.

Also, we now know for a fact that Rick will say the "my mercy prevails over my wrath" line during the ending events of "All Out War." He will remember what his son said, and that's why he will decide to keep Negan alive.

With all this in mind, we can say that Chandler Riggs pretty much spoiled the ending of Season 8 because we now know that Negan will survive the "All Out War."