The movie "Dirty Dancing" became a favorite of mine as a teenager. I was so happy I was able to visit the locations where the 1987 film was set. The plot of a girl vacationing at a resort with her family and having a romance with the dance teacher has enthralled me and many others for thirty years. There was a remake in 2017, bu the original movie will always be the best. The movie was filmed at a camp in Lake Lure, NC and at Mountain Lake Lodge in Pembroke, Virginia. As a teenager, I visited the filming location at the camp in Lake Lure, but it is no longer there.

However, "Dirty Dancing" fans can still find tributes to the movie in Lake Lure and visit the lodge in Virginia.

Lake Lure, NC

Lake Lure is in the mountains of North Carolina. "Dirty Dancing" was filmed at a camp there, but the buildings were destroyed.I went to the camp when the buildings were still there, and it had the bridge, Johnny's cabin, the dance studio, and the auditorium where the fantastic final scene was filmed. Fans can still enjoy the lovely lake in the town. There's a "Dirty Dancing" festival every August. Some of the town's visitor's center is devoted to the movie. Fans can pick up a brochure which explains the film's history and local points of interest. There's a mural on the wall of the bridge where one of the main characters danced.

Other exhibits on the wall include a list of film sites, pictures from the movie, the movie poster, and quotes from the movie. Get your picture made with a cutout of Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey in a scene from the movie and look at the rock which was part of one of the original movie buildings. "Dirty Dancing" fandom can be deep!

Mountain Lake Lodge

Mountain Lake Lodge in Pembroke, Virginia was the stand-in for the fictional Kellerman's resort featured in "Dirty Dancing". It is a resort literally on top of the mountain. The main building, the Houseman's family cabin, and the gazebo are still there. There's a gift shop where you can purchase "Dirty Dancing" related merchandise.

On my trip there I got a postcard, a Christmas ornament, and a sticker that said: "Got Swayze?" There is a building with a sign that said: "Dirty Dancing Remembered" which was like a museum devoted to the film. Inside were pictures from the filming, a poster that said: "Keep Calm and Carry a Watermelon" and many other items. The only drawback is the lake is no longer there because of water drains. Nevertheless, fans can still enjoy the buildings and remember the wonderful songs and dances from the movie. There was a remake, but nothing can top the first movie.