After binge-watching, the latest chronicles of the "Black Mirror" dystopian nightmarish world here is my review of the 'USS Callister' which was absolutely brilliant. Up until now, Fifteen Million Merits had been my favorite episode of "Black Mirror.'’ Now, forget about it. The USS Callister absolutely blew me away as the best piece of television I have ever seen in my life.

I had based all my initial impressions of the episode going on trailers and photos, so I had assumed that this episode was going to be a more light-hearted episode with tributes to, "Star Trek." However, I could not have been more wrong.

USS Callister storyline

Robert Daly is the socially awkward (possibly psychopathic) CTO of a video game design company, who has taken some form of DNA from a person who he feels has wronged him in real life and implemented them into an offline version of the newest video game for him to torment or abuse for his own joyous being.

In this offline version, Daly is essentially the God of the universe and everyone and everything that happens is due to his will and his will alone. In any case, Daly is the villain of this episode but is he really? Despite what he did (and that includes throwing the code version of his co-worker's son out of an airlock), I still felt bad for him in the end.

This episode brings a callback to the ''Black Mirror'' Christmas special episode, White Christmas, with the question being raised whether or not we should feel bad for code that by technical standards, is not technically alive.

On the flip side, the code or crew members would technically be the heroes of the episode. However, due to the way that the real-life versions of this code treat Dally in well, real-life, it is hard to justify these characters as heroes at all.

The anti-heroes of the episode

Much like the character of Heathcliff was in Emily Bruntë's classic novel, "Wuthering Heights," these characters would fit the bill better as anti-heroes of the episode.

Nonetheless, we root for the crew of the USS Callister to escape their encapture from their tyrant captain, Robert Daly. (Hip Hip Hooray).

Overall, my anxiety was on edge for the entire duration of this episode waiting to see what would be the fate of the crew members of the USS Callister. This was an absolutely brilliant job by Charlie Brooker and his crew on this episode. There is no doubt in my mind that this episode will win one or two awards, much like last season’s breakout episode, San Junipero did