Donald Trump has been president for nearly a year and his critics are even more opposed to him now than the day he was elected. In a string of tweets highlighting some of the worst aspects of the Trump administration, MSNBC host Joy Reid ripped into the commander in chief.

Reid on Trump

It's been one year since Donald Trump shocked the world and defeated Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton last November to become the 45th President of the United States. In the over 11 months since he was sworn into office, the former host of "The Apprentice" was unable to pass most of the legislation he promised due to predictably clashing with Democrats, as well as engaging in in-fighting with members of his own Republican Party.

In the place of passing legislation, Trump did his best to roll-back as much of the Obama-era laws as possible, which has resulted in massive backlash from the media and his critics. In addition, Trump's reckless behavior on the world stage has raised many red flags, resulting in MSNBC host Joy Reid creating a detailed list that she posted in the form of several tweets on December 14.

Taking to Twitter on Thursday night, Joy Reid didn't hold back her thoughts about the current state of the United States under the leadership of Donald Trump.

"The Trump legacy so far: Freeing polluters to befoul the air and pollute ground water. Taking away millions of people's healthcare (pending). Slashing taxes on the super rich and making you pay for it (pending). Withdrawing the U.S. from world leadership on climate & Mideast," she tweeted out.

Not stopping there, Joy Reid went on to list many other aspects of Donald Trump's presidency that she disagrees with, such as "A shameful Muslim ban," "Mass deportation of people's grandparents and working moms and dads," all while claiming that the president has helped to "Destroy America's image around the world."

The outspoken host of "A.M.

Joy," didn't stop there, as she went on to elaborate further on her list. "Sexual assault and harassment scandal brought to the White House," Joy Reid tweeted, while also adding, "Emboldening white supremacists" and "Emboldening and empowering Russia around the world and even in U.S. affairs."

Moving forward

Joy Reid's tweets continued and pointed out some of the biggest arguments against Donald Trump, especially from his critics in the media and on the Democratic side of the aisle.

Despite the president claiming to have the support of most of the country, the most recent released polls shows that most Americans are in line with Reid's thinking as Trump's approval rating is down to just 32 percent.