We're all used to having Kleenex handy while watching the ABC show, but there was major emotion on Thursday, November 9, as “Grey’s Anatomy” saw its 300th episode. There was a reunion, of sorts, of the original “Fab Five” – not necessarily in person, but at least in ghost form. There were also loads of Easter Eggs hidden within, especially for those loyal fans who have watched from the very beginning. If you haven't already watched it, be warned there are spoilers below.

Roller coaster accident leads to a chain reaction

A roller coaster accident sent a slew of new patients to Grey Sloan Memorial, with all hands on deck to treat the injured, some of which looked eerily familiar to our favorite doctors.

Among those patients was a man who looked incredibly like George O’Malley (originally played by T.R. Knight). There were also two female guest actors who looked amazingly like Sandra Oh’s Cristina Yang and a certain blond bombshell – Izzie Stevens (who was played by Katherine Heigl).

These well-cast lookalikes instantly brought back memories of the past to our heroes, most especially to Meredith Grey (played by Ellen Pompeo) and Justin Chambers’ character Alex Karev. The ghosts they were seeing belonged to the past, as part of the “Fab Five” interns of their humble beginnings.

EW quotes Sarah Drew as saying George, Izzie, and Cristina were on everyone’s minds during the 300th episode, as the guest actors looked remarkably like them, bringing back memories to the rest of the doctors. It also prompted those doctors to try extra hard to save the lookalikes’ lives.

Easter eggs in 300th episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

As noted by ENews, there were more surprises to come during the 300th episode, with various Easter eggs for fans to uncover. Debbie Allen, director of the episode, said there were plenty of throwbacks to the past in what she dubbed their “Hubble telescope episode.” She said that telescope allows people to look into the past and the future, and this episode of "Grey's Anatomy" was all of that.

Jason George told ENews this entire season has been a “love letter to fans,” a nod to everyone who has been watching and paying attention right from the start of the show, an amazing 14 years ago. George said this 300th episode was like that, but “in spades.” Pompeo said the episode played homage to every character that we have loved and miss from the show, saying producers did it in a “very cool way.”

So after a major Easter egg hunt and an emotional roller coaster (excuse the pun) ride in Thursday’s episode, which was aptly named “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story,” we can only imagine what is coming next.