'This Is Us' is into its Season 2, the first segment of it with the fall session unfolding. One of the best TV drama of the decade, NBC's show is engulfing thousands and thousands of new fans with every episode that reaches the airing date. The unconventional approach often sends an unfiltered pictured into viewers' eyes. Jack and Rebecca Pearson along with their three kids stand for the average American family and how their daily actions unfold. A narrative thread that follows more than 30 years within the same lines, with one central point only, the Pearsons.

Season 2 has had its Episode 8 sired earlier this week, and by the end of it, some new developments occurred.

Randall, Kevin, and Kate all have a lot on their plates

It's fair to say that 'This Is Us' comes with a narrative construction strategy that allows it to hope for a long airing schedule over the next years. Basically, there are numerous conflicts and issues main characters have to deal with.

Randall Pearson has a new challenge in his life. After his biological father's death, he is trying to replace William with another face, and he and his wife Beth decided to went for an adoption. But, their newest family member Deja is a tricky puzzle to solve.

Kate and Kevin Pearson are somehow a package deal.

Toby, Kate's fiancee, seems to facilitate the communication channel between the twins. Hit hard by her father's death; Kate Pearson finally seems to have found a purpose in her relationship with Toby. But, the most recent episodes ends with a sad news as it appeared that Kate had lost the pregnancy. That news comes as a final blow for a highly volatile Kevin.

His addiction to painkillers has put him in a vulnerable position and Kate losing her pregnancy punches straight in the face.

There are only three seasons confirmed

All the above plus other narratives, small puzzles are making a recipe that can carry the show for many years into the future. But, it's not always about the quality of the story itself, other factors may interfere too.

That's how show business works. For the moment things are in a good spot. The audience is getting bigger and bigger as 'This Is Us' has already entered into the mainstream flow.

Officially, only three seasons have been confirmed yet. The current season will air its second chunk in the first part of 2018. season 3 will follow the same airing calendar having two segments also. The first part of it will be aired somewhere in the fall of 2018 while the final part of Season 3 will make it to the big screen in 2019. But, if things will keep moving in the right direction, 'This Is Us' could get a season or two as an extra.