Taylor Swift is believed to be completely nude in her yet-to-launch music video. The singer has come a long way since her debut. From the sweet teenager to the grown-up lady, Swift has evolved. The singer posted a sixteen-second clip of her upcoming video on her Instagram account on Monday, October 23. The video is titled, “Ready For It?” Some of her followers have suggested that the video should be categorized under “NSFW,” due to its content.

The new video of Taylor Swift

The video starts with Taylor Swift wearing a hood and looking straight into the camera.

This is followed by a couple of other shots, revealing a very Cyborg-like (from Marvel movies) scene. There is a shot of Swift rising and walking toward the camera. The pop star is seen as completely naked for this particular scene. According to Huffington Post, the singer is being described as playing the role of a “sexy blonde” robot in her upcoming music video. Even though, when one first looks at the video, Swift may come across as naked from top to bottom, the singer is believed to be wearing a nude bodysuit. This is what portrays the illusion of her being naked.

According to Vanity Fair, the singer’s body features strategically placed black lines. These are located around Swift's torso and bottom, thereby enhancing her features.

They have also been placed so that Swift is given a rather robotic look. There are also chances that Taylor Swift might be representing a store mannequin.

What do reports suggest?

According to Telegraph, the music video features robust beats. Visual elements generally tend toward a darker, eerier, and ominous scenery. This is another major release by Taylor Swift after the launch of, “Look What You Made Me Do.” The lyrics of the video indicated that the “old Taylor” was dead.

The singer would now be seen embracing a more mature and sophisticated stance. As noted by Seventeen, the singer has also been subjected to many pregnancy rumors lately. Fans who attended Swift’s listening sessions for her upcoming album, “Reputation,” said that she was hiding her baby bump.

Leading media publications began posting alleged reports about Swift trying to hide the fact that she is pregnant.

Swift was quick to refute these speculations, stating that she had gained 15 pounds. This is why she seems to have a bump around her stomach. There is no other reason that she would look this plumped up, the singer clarified. Stay tuned for more news and updates.