Farrah Abraham's on-and-off boyfriend Simon Saran has made yet another accusation in a long string of diatribes against "Teen Mom" and its franchise. Recently, the Reality TV star wrote on Twitter that the crew of the show abused him verbally for being Indian, saying he was smelly and asking Farrah why she would go for an Indian man. He also accused several of the crew members of supplying cast members with drugs and not stepping in which situations get dangerous, such as when Ryan Edwards drove his car clearly high on some kind of medication or drugs.

But now, the reality TV star is claiming that that MTV forces, or at least bribes, its cast members to have more children.

Simon discusses why he quit 'Teen Mom'

Simon Saran quit "Teen Mom" after his "Being Simon" special aired on MTV, which is part of a series of spin-offs that focus on the lives of secondary characters on the show. At the time, it appeared he disappeared from the show because he and Farrah had broken up, yet again (the pair were at each other's throats on Twitter and social media, and Simon seemed to have moved on with another woman). But Simon claims that this isn't why he quit the show, but that it was because of the producer Morgan J. Freeman.

"[He] provides cast members with drugs, forces them to have kids and bribes them with bonuses to have strange men move in with them," Simon alleged to Radar Online.

He also recently accused Amber Portwood, "Teen Mom" cast member and nemesis, of getting pregnant with her second child for financial gain. However, Amber had held off on having another baby for at least eight years, which is a lot longer than most of the other young women on the show.

Rumors that the women receive bonuses for being pregnant

The Hollywood Gossip notes that there have been rumors for years that the women on "Teen Mom" and "Teen Mom 2" receive bonuses for being pregnant, though this has never been substantiated by anything more than idle gossip. Simon recently stated that he feels sorry for Amber for sacrificing herself for Morgan J.

Freeman's needs, insinuating that Amber may not have wanted to get pregnant in the first place. The mom-of-one has stated in the past that she was reluctant to get pregnant due to her mental state and the fact that she would have to go off of her medication in order to carry a baby to term. Although she has yet to confirm she is pregnant, if she is, she will have to be off all of her psychotropic meds in order to continue the pregnancy.