Rare Grateful Dead memorabilia are going up on the Auction block in Reno, Nevada. The auction is set to occur online from November 22 until December 9. Grateful Dead fans will get the rare opportunity to acquire more than 100 different collector items. Many of the items have never been seen by the public before. Stremmel Auctions in Reno will be facilitating the auction.

Late attorney Hal Kant's collection

The memorabilia items at the auction come from Jesse, the wife of the late Hal Kant, the attorney for the Grateful Dead. Kant was referred to by the infamous band as the "Czar of the Dead".

The items were collected over the course of Kant’s career, as counsel for the band. Instead of having industry representation, the band was one of the first to be represented by an attorney. According to Hudson Stremmel of Stremmel Auctions, Kant held the copyrights for the psychedelic jam pioneers.

Rare items finally up for sale

Jesse Kant stated that all items are from a private collection and many have never been seen before by the public. She held onto a large number of Grateful Dead items after her husband’s passing in 2008. According to Jesse, it’s “Time to let someone else enjoy all of these items I’ve spent my life with.”

Now in her eighties, Jesse is letting go of items such as a replica of the Grateful Dead’s conference table, an invitation to guitarist Garcia’s wedding, unused K2 skis, “LimitDead” edition golf bags, and more.

Jesse describes the band as a "strange and interesting phenomenon" that never played the same set.

One special item garnering attention at the auction is a dead rose and wedding invitation from Jerry Garcia and Deborah Kunz. A working phone booth frequently used by Jerry Garcia will be available to the highest bidder at the auction.

Jan Sawka was the artist who created the large artwork displayed during the Grateful Dead 25th anniversary tour. These large art pieces were on display for a total of 88 Grateful Dead shows. Sawka is a Polish refugee whose work was greatly admired by the Kants. The eight banners created by Sawka are also available at the auction.

Some items are expected to reach the $100,000 mark at the event.

The auction is sure to be a real treat for music memorabilia collectors and those who want a piece of psychedelic rock history. The auction is online only but previews will be available on December 7 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and December 8 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The preview will occur at Shoppers Square at 370 Casazza Drive in Reno.