Perhaps one of the most loved cast members from ''The Bachelorette'' season 13 is Peter Kraus. He was a true gentleman when with Rachel Lindsay, despite things ultimately not working out. Peter was just unable to let his guard down, and he only wanted to get engaged once. Now, it appears he'll star in the show's spin-off, ''The Bachelor Winter Games.'' Or maybe not.

Peter Kraus sets the record straight

According to Kraus himself, his involvement in the spin-off is not yet set in stone. This conflicts with what Mike Fleiss, the franchise creator, confirmed via Twitter.

To set the record straight, Kraus appeared on ''The Morning Breadth.'' In the interview, he said, ''Mike Fleiss likes to tweet a lot of things. I feel like he even said I was the Bachelor at one point, so I just think he likes to throw people off.''

Sad news for Kraus fans. He did leave a glimmer of hope, though, by saying he hasn't ruled anything out just yet. When asked about appearing on the infamous ''Bachelor in Paradise,'' Peter replied, ''No, I would not do 'Paradise.' I heard it's like 110 and they have no air conditioning.'' It's no surprise he would skip a show that's been under public scrutiny these past several months following the Corinne/Demario scandal.

Are there still feelings for Rachel?

It's obvious that Kraus' good showing on ''The Bachelorette'' has opened up a lot of opportunities for him in entertainment. One has to wonder, though, if he still has feelings for Rachel. Their chemistry was apparent from the very start, and it appeared that Peter would be the one to secure Rachel's final rose.

When asked if he misses Rachel, Perter responded, ''I've never been asked that. She's a sweetheart, she really is. She's very kind, she's very considerate.'' Looks like Kraus is at peace with Rachel's decision to get engaged to Bryan Abasolo. He's just happy to live a normal life, out of the public eye.

Peter is destined for love

Regardless of whether Peter appears on another dating show, he's destined for love. Not only does he have good looks that rival most GQ models, he has a lot of depth and a good heart. The way he treated Rachel on the show portrayed the type of charming and caring personality he really has. Any woman would be lucky to have him.

So, what do you think? Is this the last time we've seen Peter on reality television? Or will he make another appearance in hopes of having his own happy ever after, much like Rachel did on her season? Stay tuned!