Thursday (Nov. 16) on "The Young and the Restless," Hilary did what she does best which is ruin lives. She had a telephone interview with an older woman who said she had been scammed by Jordan under one of his assumed names. She added that he also and a female accomplish, who pretended to be his wife. After the victim explained how the duo tried to trick her, Hilary ran a photo on G.C. Buzz that showed Jordan and his partner caught in the act. Nick and Noah were watching the segment and along with all of Genoa City, they realize that Chelsea was part of the Granny scam.

Everyone knew she had a past but they were not expecting this.

Chelsea wanted to keep her past far behind her

When she came to Genoa City, Chelsea admitted that she was a grifter in her past life. She married Adam and tried to live better and leave it all behind. Jordan showed up and the two of them spoke of working together, but never said exactly what type of cons they were involved in. Both of them agreed they were now on the right path and to keep their former lives far behind them.

Now Nick and Noah, along with everyone else, are shocked as no one could have imagined that Chelsea and Jordan scammed older women. The caller to Hilary's show said that Mr. Wilde charmed her and they were engaged to be married.

Chelsea showed up pretending to be his wife and demanded money or the woman would be labeled as a bigamist. Now the sordid past Jordan and Chelsea wanted to hide is front and center.

Hilary feels no remorse for exposing the truth

When Jordan and Chelsea argued with Hilary for exposing their secret, she said she did nothing wrong, but only told the truth.

She feels absolutely no remorse and says the duo should not have targeted older women for their cons. Hilary believes her job is simply to amuse her fans and get ratings. She does not care that she is ruining the lives of two individuals who have been trying to live above and beyond their previous standards.

Chelsea was so distraught that she removed all the designer outfits that she allowed Hilary to use for free.

Her reputation is now in jeopardy and she realizes she must go home and explain to Nick. He had never asked details about her past life but now everyone in Genoa City knows the truth. This could really cause problems in their relationship. All because Hilary wanted ratings for G.C. Buzz. Stay tuned for more episodes of "The Young and the Restless" each weekday afternoon at 12:30 PM on CBS.