Firstborn son Kevin Pearson leads the way in the "triplet trilogy" of "This Is Us," NBC's hit television series that has been captivating viewers since its pilot episode in which it introduced the world to the Pearson "Big Three" on September 26, 2016. At this point in the Pearson saga, "This Is Us" fans are all too familiar with the childhood bonds and tensions that have followed this unlikely set of "triplets" - Kevin, Kate, and Randall (played by Justin Hartley, Chrissy Metz, & Sterling K. Brown) from birth to adulthood.

Tuesday night's airing of 'Number One' leaves viewers everywhere in tears

Season 2, Episode 8 of starts out with Kevin Pearson taking his first steps toward the proud and beaming faces of his parents (played by Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia) and brings him to crying on his knees in front of the home of fellow McKinley High alum Charlotte, where he had a one-night stand after his not-so-joyous high school reunion. Numbed by painkillers and alcohol, Kevin had journeyed from L.A. to Pennsylvania and through the halls of his old high school to receive an award and make a speech at the school's homecoming ceremony. The TV audience bears witness to heart-wrenching flashbacks of Kevin and his dad and follows him to his ultimate point of desperation on Charlotte's lawn, a moment triggered by the loss of the necklace gifted to him by his father.

On his knees, Kevin bears his soul with the words "I'm in pain out here, I need someone to help me!"

A walk through his personal 'hall of fame' leads' Kevin Pearson nowhere

Before he ended up in front an auditorium of McKinley High School students and in the bed of fellow alum Charlotte, Kevin took a troubling walk down memory lane of his short-lived high school popularity.

He remembers his high school sweetheart Sophie (the adult role played by Alexandra Breckenridge), his football buddies, and his epic athletic feats that left the whole school in worshipful awe of him. Kevin's speech at the homecoming ceremony is far from inspirational; but despite confessing to the audience that he is weak and completely unworthy of this honor, he is still met with wild cheering and applause.

Justin Hartley delivers Kevin Pearson's most profoundly climactic scene of Season 2, Episode 8 under the lights of McKinley High's football field. Kevin's reveals his heart and soul in an intimate monologue, and "This is Us" fans now know Kevin Pearson as they've never known him before.

Kevin's worsening addiction brings fans back to his father Jack's alcoholism

Characterized by Kevin's glistening face and hollow eyes, every scene of Season 2, Episode 8 is painfully reminiscent of his father Jack Pearson's alcoholism, one of the more emotionally disturbing elements of this episode. Kevin is medicating himself with painkillers and alcohol throughout the entire episode. Then the audience is left with the most disturbing moment of all: his problem isn't even realized by his own brother Randall (Sterling K.

Brown). Instead, "Number One" wastes no time in leading us to "Number Two," as Kevin's twin sister Kate's personal tragedy eclipses his own revealed demons of depression and addiction.

Pick up on part two of the "triplet trilogy" Tuesday, November 21, and watch "Number Two" - Season 3, Episode 8 of "This Is Us" - live on NBC at 9 pm, PT.