Lisa Rinna posted a photo on her Instagram account of herself as a pill-popping cake topper. Depending on how you look at it, it might come off as a bit creepy. "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star was accused of being somewhat of a drug addict when she pulled from her purse a plastic bag loaded with a variety of pills.

A sense of humor

Never one to lose her sense of humor, Lisa Rinna, conjured one of her storylines to mind when she posted the pill-popping cake topper. She's able to laugh at herself and evidently finds it hilarious that the cake topper looks like her in that respect.

The cake topper roughly resembles the star with her chic short haircut, large eyes, and enormous lips. Holding the bag of pills certainly completes the picture.

Background of storyline

In Season 7 of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," Lisa Rinna mistakenly thought letting her friends in on the fact she carries bag full of pills was completely normal. Fans may recall when Lisa was with Dorit Kemsley at Eden Sassoon's house when Eden was making smoothies. The conversation turned to adding supplements in smoothies and that's when Lisa yanked out a bulging bag of pills from her purse. It stunned both Dorit and Eden to see Rinna carrying so many pills around in her purse. That scene later became a moment of contention when rumors began circulating that Lisa was an addict and mixed Xanax in her smoothies.

Rinna deflected the matter by asking Dorit if she was doing coke during one of the parties P.K. was throwing. Dorit vehemently denied living in a "coke den" while raising two children. The whole situation came unhinged because Rinna was upset she was being painted as a Xanax addict.

Lisa Rinna denied accusations that she mixed Xanax in her smoothies at the Season 7 reunion.

Many of the pills are reportedly vitamins.

Fans are also laughing

Fans are in love with the pill-popping cake topper that Lisa Rinna posted on her Instagram account. Some of the words people are using to describe their opinion of the post are "perfection," "hilarious," "too funny," and "genius." One wrote this is where "ego meets genius." One user just wrote, "sick." Someone suggested that a clutch is added to the bag of pills on the front.

What do you think of Lisa Rinna's pill-popping cake topper photo? Do you find it hilarious?

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