"The Show Must Go On!" is a famous saying often heard in the entertainment industry. Pop star Lady Gaga may have changed that common saying. Saturday a Fan was hit in the face during Gaga's world tour show in Connecticut. The song was stopped and all attention was directed to the fan who was in need of medical treatment. Lady Gaga made sure to stop the song and check with her beloved fan and wouldn't continue until she was helped.

Lady Gaga has a special connection with her fans

As seen in her documentary released this September, she runs her own social media accounts and checks in with fans on a regular basis.

Gaga has a deeper connection with her fans is extraordinary singer and person. When looking at Gaga's past one may question her character simply by looking at the meat dress she wore to the VMA's to a Kermit the frog coat worn on a German television show. With Gaga's new album titled Joanne, she is portrayed and heard as a strong woman who has grown into her own life. After Saturday performance she has proved to be more than the girl in the meat dress and more like the woman next door.

The amazing act of kindness was captured on camera which was later posted to Lady Gaga world tour account. One can see the amazing Lady Gaga stopping her performance to check on her loyal fan. The concert stopped in the middle of a song to ask the fan, Meredith, if she was ok.

She then wouldn't continue until her fan was seen by a paramedic. Later Meredith received a backstage pass to see the star.

Lady Gaga sympathized with injured fan

The video shows Lady Gaga telling her fan, "Hi, I just looked over and I saw. Are you doing all right?" Gaga can be heard saying in the video. "Are you gonna stay?

Do you need some extra help? Do you need a paramedic? Are they on their way? OK." Before continuing the show with the song, Paparazzi, the singer told her fans, "What we all need to remember is that there are some things that are more important than show business."

Lady Gaga's documentary, Gaga: Five Foot Two, introduced the world to the woman behind the makeup.

The film, currently streaming on Netflix, shows Gaga struggling with physical and emotional pain in her personal life. The viewer is able to walk the life of the superstar from seeing the mass audiences from the release of her new album to her daily suffering from fibromyalgia. One can gather from the documentary Gaga is effected from mental health, lost, physical pain, and heartbreak much like the rest of the world.