The sound is fresh and inspiring. It’s laid back rock-n-roll to soothe the soul. The American Dream is the fourth album from LCD Soundsystem released on September 1. The Band has been separated for the last four years announcing in 2016 of a reunion, creating the "American Dream." The band played a few festivals prior to their two released singles. Initially just taunting their fans with the reunion and new music. In May, their first singles, “Call the Police” and “American Dream,” was launched. A fantasy for any fan or music lover who needed a revolution.

LCD Soundsystem is an American rock band from Brooklyn, New York. The band was formed in 2002 releasing singles such as "Daft Punk Is Playing at My House" and “All My Friends” and receiving some Grammy nominations for Best Electronic/Dance Album over the first few years of their musical career. That’s right, Electronic/Dance was the general genre from the band. "American Dream" has a different sound which may be a little tame for some. Change is not a bad thing. Fans can still see the old LCD Soundsystem through songs like “Tonite” and “Other Voices.” The new album is a transition to the new sound of LCD Soundsystem by saying goodbye to an "American Dream" and accepting the present. The lyrics are one that many can relate to with life throwing curve balls and unexpected dreams crashing.

This is what much of the album is about. Dreams falling.

Music has a way of taking us to a different place. When we have had a rough day or when the world is telling us to be someone else, there is always a song or album to turn to. Add American Dream to your playlist!

Why did the band break up?

The band was seen in Madison square garden on April 2, 2011, playing their “funeral.” Yes, the band had announced their break up and dedicated fans wore black to bid their goodbyes.

LCD Soundsystem was putting a stop to a 10-year career. The members were heartbroken to end a decade of a life together. Bottom line: The band was tired. Their musical career took off strong, releasing three albums in five years and touring worldwide. Many fans disapproved of the reunion after such a short hiatus.

Why listen to American Dream?

It is a sound that is different. The songs are unique, and the vocals are entrancing. It has an 80’s-90’s mix with a new feel that will knock your boots out. You will dance, cry, laugh, and rock out to this album. It’s rare to find a band that can pull your heart out and turns around to heal the wounds with words and beats. If you have been listening to their single since May, the whole album will give you sweet blitz. If you are new to this band listen to the singles, they speak for themselves. Find LCD Soundsystem on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and Pandora.