The World is in mourning for Superman, and so is Lois Lane (Played by Amy Adams) shedding tears, largely wasted. Everything is about to get worse because of course, it has to, so now Batman and Wonder Woman step up to bring some newcomers to face the bigger threat that is about to come.

The Newcomers

The movie has its best scenes when it comes to the introduction of these three newcomers.

Batman first meets Arthur Curry (Played by Jason Momoa) in a fishing village in Iceland, who is revealed to be Aquaman from the lost underwater world of Atlantis.

He has been delivering fish to starving Icelandic villagers as an act of selflessness but he isn’t sure why he is helping them. Jason Momoa was great as the Aquaman with his chest that's full of muscles and tattoos. The way he shifts between comedy and seriousness, it made the movie hit the comic book sweet spot between being too serious and too amusing.

Our lovely Bat then meets the super-speedy slacker Barry Allen a.k.a The Flash (played by Ezra Miller). The Flash makes some of the best jokes and Miller makes most of them work. He also made The Flash seem like a bit of a cowardly-irritating kid, but he keeps you hooked to see more of him and I loved him anyway as he is an intense young actor.

While the Bat was with Flash, Diana Prince contacted Victor Stone (Played by Ray Fisher) a.k.a Cyborg, a cybernetically enhanced male, who was cobbled together from scratch by his Father, Silas Stone (owner of the S.T.A.R. Labs).

The backstories of these superheroes go by too quickly, but if you are initiated enough, you will somehow find it okay to roll with it, however, if you are not, then you might have a little problem.

The apocalypse

After having assembled our team of heroes, now they are off to fight Steppenwolf, the God from the planet Apokolips. A pure CGI creation voiced by Ciaran Hinds, he is an ax-wielding giant with a helmet who managed to assemble three alien “mother boxes” that will give him the power to destroy Earth. He first appeared long ago but was stopped by an aggressive united army of Amazonians, Atlantians, heroes from other planets, and humans.

Now that he is back, we only have our "League" to stop him and his apocalypse.

Zack Snyder is still committed to his dark palette, however, the touches of the humor in “Justice League” help lighten the movie up and are a relief, unlike “Batman V Superman,” which he ran into the ground with a two-and-a-half-hour-running. “Justice League” is a merely full two-hour movie which shows that the upcoming sequels will find its footing. It has justice and while it could have used more breeziness, it is a good start.