The Bold and the Beautiful” character Steffy Forrester, has experienced her share of heartache over the years. She’s been embroiled in love triangles and affairs, which often led to tears for the youngest Forrester. While the character’s love life may be a mess, the same can’t be said for her portrayer, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood. The beloved soap star announced yesterday via Instagram that she and her boyfriend Elan Ruspoli are engaged.

Jacqueline's professional life

For seven years, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood has played the role of Steffy, the daughter of Ridge Forrester and Taylor Hayes.

Wood’s gorgeous looks and her acting ability grabbed the attention of viewers. In her first storyline for the show, Wood’s character dealt with the death of her twin sister Phoebe. The emotional story proved that the soap opera had struck gold with Jacqueline in the role of Steffy.

In later years, Steffy would find herself involved in a love triangle with Liam Spencer and Hope Logan. The love triangle became one of the top storylines, with fans often siding with Steffy. When Steffy wasn’t trying to win Liam’s love, she was often caught in the middle of family drama. She became a focal point in the battle for CEO at Forrester Creations, a position that was recently appointed to Miss Forrester.

Wood’s portrayal as Steffy has been applauded by critics and fans. She’s done such an amazing job that she was nominated twice for an Outstanding Younger Actress Daytime Emmy. Aside from the soap opera, Jacqueline has transitioned into film with roles in "Her Husband’s Betrayal" and "Final Destination 5."

Not only has Jacqueline proved she’s a talented actress, but she’s also a great singer as well.

Her vocals have been showcased many times on “The Bold and the Beautiful” and in 2012 she recorded the dance song "After Hours." As an actress, singer, and model; Wood has proven she can do anything.

Wedding bells

While Wood’s professional life continues to thrive, she’s found happiness in her personal life as well. With her recent engagement to boyfriend Elan Ruspoli, things are looking up for Jacqueline.

Not much is known about Ruspoli, but he and Wood have been dating for quite some time.

Jacqueline often expresses her love for Ruspoli via social media, where she posts pictures of the couple enjoying dinner or traveling the world. There’s no word yet on when the couple plans to tie the knot. But if Wood is anything like her character, expect an elegant wedding.