Things finally picked up in the latest episode of “Hell’s Kitchen” Season 17, and Josh’s fight in the intense competition continued when he joined the Red Team. Things didn’t pan out well for Josh, but the episode capped off with a huge surprise for both teams.

The All-Star edition’s latest episode was titled “Josh, Josh, Josh,” and it made sense since this week’s main focus was Josh. He and Robyn were unexpectedly swapped in the previous episode’s elimination round because Chef Gordon Ramsay wanted to give the two another chance to redeem themselves.

Blue Team takes the lead again

The new episode of “Hell’s Kitchen” Season 17 kicked off with a perplexing challenge for both teams. Ramsay instructed both teams to cook fish through wooden planks. Guest and plank cooking expert Chef Ben Ford helped out with the scoring, which ended up in a tie. So, Gordon and Chef Ben picked Elise’s salmon dish and Robyn and Nick’s cod dish for the tie-breaker set. They ultimately chose the cod dish, which gave the first win to the Blue Team.

Both teams went to the same ranch, but the Blue Team was awarded a leisurely horseback ride through the olive groves. Meanwhile, the Red Team had to deal with horses’ droppings, while watching the opposing team enjoying their reward.

The Blue Team redeemed themselves with this week’s performance, and they’re determined to bring back the team’s glory. The Blue Team has been on the ball since “Hell’s Kitchen” Season 17 started, but they broke their winning streak in the previous episode when Josh made a series of blunders.

Everyone turns on Josh

The Blue Team gave up on Josh, but it seems like he’s also not welcome on the Red Team.

Elise has openly voiced out her disdain about Josh coming over to their team. Josh only made things worse when he tried to call out some of the members' mistakes, which earned him more hate from the Red Team.

Jennifer tried to give Josh a break and rooted for him to do well, but Josh disappointed her and the rest of the team with his series of mistakes during the dinner service.

Josh’s presence in the Red Team has brought the ladies’ morale to a new low that even Elise wasn’t acting normal.

Josh’s slow start eventually led to a crazy mistake with the garnish, which forced Gordon to kick him out of the kitchen. However, Josh didn’t want to give up, so he returned to the kitchen, and asked Gordon to bring him back. Gordon explained how he was utterly disappointed with Josh’s performance, and how he wasn’t ready to be the head chef of the first ever Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen at the Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas.

For the first time in “Hell’s Kitchen” Season 17, Gordon eliminated someone (Josh) even before the dinner service was over. And just when they thought the worst was about to happen, Gordon picked both teams as the winners for the dinner service, which was another first in “Hell’s Kitchen: All-Stars.” Nobody else went home that night, but Gordon warned the remaining contestants to adapt and do their best to prove that they were worthy of staying in the show.