Hawaii Five-O” finally got to air its traditional Halloween episode (Season 8 Episode 5) on November 3, after last week's hiatus to allow a Michael Jackson special and extended “MacGyver” action. The full ensemble of “Five-O” is present and accounted for in this one, and the past plays a major role.

In “Kama’oma’o ka ‘aina hui ana (At Kama’oma’o The Land of Activities), a series of murders seem linked by island legends, and fan favorite guest star, Claire Forlani, returns as Alicia Brown. She’s being accompanied to court by Steve McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) and feels compelled to share a change to her story.

She also gets a surprise of her own at the end of this “Hawaii Five-O.” Captain Grover (Chi McBride) heeds a call to death row from an unknown murderer who wants to share his final dinner and divulge some vital information about Lou’s murdering former partner, Clay Matthews.

The loose ends and legends all come together in this truly dark and disturbing episode, and the story is definitely not over.

Spirits doing the slaying

Danny (Scott Caan) is generally not much for Halloween festivities, especially with his daughter all grown up and Charlie away. He dishes out cash for a scary mask to spook Steve and ends up meeting Junior (Beulah Koale). The two start off with a nice enough rapport, apart from Danny not taking to so many “Sirs” from the “Hawaii Five-O” future hopeful.

The murder of a local farmer amidst a scene sprinkled with tracks and pigs blood sparks Tani (Meaghan Rath) to recall a story of love between a lovely girl and a half man/half pig being around the Kama’oma’o highway. Feeding pork was the only way to appease the spirits, so what would satisfy a suspect to appear? Danny's curious questioning gets under Tani’s skin, and she tells him she understands how Steve would want to shoot him, and he admits to several attempts.

In another case, a victim is encased by cement, and another story is remembered about trolls who were busy builders at night but turned any witnesses to stone.

A more urgent matter consumes the team when the legend turns to true crime and a little girl, Lacey Bell (Rylee Brooke Kamahele) is taken from school, and revelations come to light that this crime is related to the similar experience of Marissa Walker (Michele Carrol) some 20 years earlier.

Walker was horribly disfigured by a wild boar attack besides her kidnapping and disappeared into the woods “not wanting to be found” according to her aunt.

Twist to the tale

Steve finds himself in another “situation” with Alicia when she tells him that she wants to tell the real story of what happened in court. He counsels her to keep that truth only between herself and him, but she says she will find no peace until the truth is out. He advises that she not testify.

Lou is face to face with a despicable murderer, Sebastian Wake, portrayed perfectly by James Frain. Wake insists that the captain stays for his parting dinner of specially delivered fried chicken before assuring that very valuable information will be shared about Clay Matthews.

Tani goes to retrieve Steve and Alicia, knowing that their expertise is very needed in this unique case, and a delay in court proceedings is granted. Alicia makes the connection that Walker is trying to possibly re-create her own ordeal, taking Lacey as her own.

The darkened chases in pursuit of Lacey and Walker are full of intensity because so little is really seen. The cohesion of the full team is witnessed in action, too. Junior and Tani have some tense moments when Tani reveals that she didn't even graduate from the police academy, and now is part of “Five-O.” The younger Navy Seal will need to learn in his own way that Commander McGarrett has his own purpose for priming his protégé for a future with “Hawaii Five-O,” and every experience counts.

Surprise and syrup

The dogs come through again, tracking to Lacey, but Marissa Walker eludes capture and is seen lurking and looking in on the home. The team has seen that she “re-created” a family in her hideaway.

Lou fears that Wake will die before he has the information he needs, and all this horrific experience will be for naught. The warden insists that the execution will and will happen as planned, and only after Wake is electrocuted does he get the envelope with the revelation. He calls Steve to come to Chicago, surrounded by gruesome evidence that nails Matthews.

A nice touch is how the legacy of Dr. Max is honored by Jorge Garcia as Jerry Ortega, dressing in the Keanu Reeves character in “Dangerous Liaisons.” Small remembrances like these continue to weave past and present inextricably together.

A call comes in from the judge to offer Alicia Brown a probationary term and allow her to “be on speed dial” with “Hawaii Five-O” for future cases. She and Steve exchange a knowing glance.

Tani invites Junior to share a late-night pancake supper, and the syrup and small talk are sure to make things smoother.

This episode is no “case closed” for the team but leaves many enticing tidbits to unfold through coming weeks.

“Hawaii Five-O” has joined the long list of shows entwined in sexual harassment accusations. In this case, issues involve a producer’s son, and should not affect production. This Pandora’s box was sealed on this wicked secret in the industry for so long, and revelations must be addressed before there can be healing.

Heroes, however flawed and human, are still doing their best on “Hawaii Five-O,” always making Fridays a treat for loyal fans.