The hit sci-fi sitcom "Rick and Morty" airing on Netflix, is a little mental, but we all lived through SouthPark and what could be weirder than that?. The Adult Animation, now in its third season and represents creativity and craziness at its best. The show embodies's Mental illness in its characters and parallel universes. "Rick and Morty" showcases some well-rounded personalities which make for interesting and comical viewing. Here’s all you need to know about the show so far.

Rick is a Manic Depressant

One half of the unlikely but seemingly well-suited duo is Grandfather Rick Sanchez.

After a 20 year absence from the family, he’s accepted back into his daughter Beth’s life, moving into her garage and taking it upon himself to teach Grandson Morty some life lessons. Rick’s an inventor which already carries a kooky stereotype. The constant drool spot on his face, notorious belching and firm grip of his inter-dimensional portal gun and boozy bottle locked to his lips all contribute to Rick’s blatant alcoholism and self-loathing for himself and the world he lives in.

Morty suffers from social and general anxiety

With Rick as his new role model, it’s no wonder 14-year-old Morty is such a nervous wreck. He’s woken up at all hours, dragged from his bed and sometimes kidnapped from school by drunken, rambling Rick.

Morty’s practically forced to go on these uniquely outlandish adventures, but the one thing that always remains the same is Morty’s clear apprehension for these missions. His eyes are the size of planets and he stutters the dangers and his anxieties to Grandfather Rick who persuasively calms him down. As bad as Rick sounds, without this elder to push Morty into these fun times, Morty would remain the introvert he is: inexperienced, unconfident and lonely in all areas of his life.

Let’s deal with anxiety and depression the Rick and Morty way!

And no, I don’t mean become an alcoholic or scale the universe looking for a portal to an alter reality where you can have utterly insane adventures. I mean not to let your adventures slip away from you. Feel the fear but go on them anyway. Live outside of your comfort zone and look like a prat whilst doing it, but not caring anyway.

Be a kid again. Grow shaggy, unruly hair and drool out the side of your mouth. Live life like a super galactic adventurer even whilst doing the gardening. Find the fun in every small detail that makes up your existence. Find a friend to watch Rick and Morty with together, and laugh, just laugh your worries away.