The Partridge Family” star David Cassidy is no more. His role in the TV series had brought him accolades and he earned the title of a teen heart-throb. Sky News reports that he was suffering from organ failure, and passed away in a hospital in Florida surrounded by his near and dear ones. He had recently admitted battling dementia which had affected one of his performances in California.

Cassidy shot to fame in the early 1970s when he portrayed the role of Keith Partridge in the TV sitcom “The Partridge Family” where he acted opposite his stepmother Shirley Jones.

He also had a successful pop career when he scored two UK number ones with the songs “How Can I Be Sure” and “Daydreamer.”

The life of David Cassidy

His failing health had forced David Cassidy to stop touring because he wanted to enjoy life. His rise to fame was not lost on his contemporaries. Rolling Stones had said in a 1972 article that David, the teen heart-throb, had literally swept millions of American girls off their feet. He has left behind not only hundreds of long-playing albums and singles but innumerable products like lunch boxes, bubble gum, pens, love beads etcetera that bore his name.

However, “The Partridge Family” star fell prey to alcohol, was arrested thrice for DUI between 2010 and 2014, and had to go to rehab which affected his personal life.

His wife filed for divorce following the third arrest, and Cassidy auctioned off his Florida home in 2015 after filing for bankruptcy.

Sad end to a bright career

David Cassidy was a celebrity of the entertainment world, and such celebrities have to always meet the exacting demands of their fans. They cannot disappoint the fans who are their lifeline and have to compromise.

The result is a lifestyle that brings with it a horde of associated problems. In order to regain lost energy, some of them embrace energy enhancing products that take a toll on their health. There have been previous instances of celebrities who succumbed to the effects of ill health, and David enters that list.

The Partridge Family” star was a teen heart-throb of the 1970s, but the demands of the 21st-century audience were quite different.

He had to meet up to their expectations and had to learn many new tricks to adjust to the new age culture and the fans. He might have had to compromise at times. His untimely death, at the age of 67, has robbed the entertainment world of an individual who was different. May his soul rest in peace.