Derick Dillard, who is married to Jill Duggar, has certainly been up to his neck in scandals recently due to his excessive tweeting. The father-of-two was allegedly fired from SOS Ministries due to a long list of complaints against him and Jill, but most notably because he has been targeting individuals on Twitter and making controversial statements. Recently, he was reprimanded by TLC for stating that they shouldn't have a transgendered individual on their network, referring to Jazz Jennings, a transgender teen who has who own show "I Am Jazz."

Derick and Jill currently work in college ministry where they are teaching young people about Christ.

The pair were caught dancing to the racy song "Despacito" at a college party where drinking might have been taking place. Jill's family is very strict about banning music with sexual undertones, dancing, and drinking, which left many to wonder if Derick's actions might have rubbed her family the wrong way.

Derick not featured on family albums

Many have been wondering if there is a feud between Derick and the other husbands of the elder Duggar girls. Most notably, Derick was reprimanded in a roundabout way by Jinger Duggar Vuolo's husband in a sermon in which he warned about missionaries like Derick.

Derick has also been absent from several family photos, and fans have noticed that whoever runs the Duggar family's Facebook has left Derick out of several photos, but has included Jill.

Derick and Jill also do not follow Jinger or her husband, Jeremy, on any social media sites. This has led many fans to believe that there is something weird going on behind the scenes that the family is reluctant to discuss.

Family friend gives their opinion

Radar Online spoke to a family friend of the Duggars who stated that although it may appear that there is a family feud, there isn't actually a problem between the family members at all.

"There’s not animosity of that nature. With all the changes and announcements coming in the future unity is paramount," the anonymous tipster said of the Duggar mega clan.

It is unknown what the source means about changes and announcements coming in the future, but by Duggar standards, it likely means that there will be more pregnancy announcements as well as more courtship announcements. These will quickly lead to engagements and weddings which will be very soon to follow. Although it hasn't been confirmed if "Counting On" will return, it is incredibly likely.