"Days of Our Lives" spoilers reveal that fan-favorite character, Theresa Donovan, played by the beloved Jen Lilley, will soon be returning home to Salem. "DOOL" fans are so excited to see Theresa come home and reunite with her friends and family members, including Brady Black and their son, Tate, but things will not be at all like she left them.

Brady is a shell of his former self

According to the latest "Days of Our Lives" spoilers and news, Theresa Donovan will return to Salem just in time for May sweeps. Jen Lilley has confirmed her return to the soap, and fans couldn't be happier about the big homecoming.

However, while Theresa will likely return to Salem in hopes of telling Brady the truth about why she had to leave, she'll instead find Brady very changed, and even get a shocking surprise.

Theresa's been living a lie

As many "Days of Our Lives" fans know, Theresa Donovan was basically forced to leave Salem and her family behind when a dangerous man from her past began making threats against her and her family. The drug lord needed to be taken down, and Theresa agreed to help her father at the ISA in doing so. However, she couldn't tell Brady the truth about what she was leaving to do. Instead, she made up a story about not wanting to be a wife and a mother and told Brady she was leaving Salem and her boring life with him behind.

Brady was completely crushed and left to raise their son, Tate, on his own. However, he soon moved on to Nicole Walker, and the pair decided to blend their family and live happily ever after. Sadly, that wasn't the case. Nicole soon realized that she was in love with Brady's step-brother, Eric Brady, and eventually told Brady that she planned to be with him.

Brady, who had already started drinking again by this time, then blackmailed Nicole with evidence that she killed Deimos Kiriakis to leave town and stay away from Eric.

Theresa comes home to find Eve in Brady's arms

"Days Of Our Lives" viewers have now watched Brady become a shell of his former self. New "DOOL" spoilers and rumors reveal that now that Theresa's sister, Eve, is back in Salem, that Brady may make yet another terrible decision.

Although Brady and Eve seemingly hate each other, that hatred will reportedly turn into passion and the pair will begin a messy romantic relationship. So, when Theresa comes home hoping to run into the loving arms of Brady Black, she may find that her sister, Eve, is already there. Of course, the two women will likely be at each other's throats over Brady, but fans are hoping that Theresa and Brady quickly reconcile.