While the upcoming “Justice League” movie will set up the expanding DC Films Universe, some fans still find time obsessing with tiny details that are found in the past movies. One of the films that received recent attention is none other than Superman’s own standalone film, “Man of Steel.” This was the film that served as a re-introduction to the character with a new actor at the helm. A report by Cinema Blend was used for the details of this article.

Aquaman was there in ‘Man of Steel’?

One famous fan theory circulating online is that Aquaman was there during one of the events in “Man of Steel.” According to Jason Momoa, the actor playing Aquaman in “Justice League,” Zack Snyder really made the Aquaman-saved-Superman theory an official part of his backstory.

Jason said that this cool backstory will not appear in "Justice League," but instead in his own standalone film. He also added that this was confirmed to him by none other than Zack Snyder. According to Snyder, Aquaman and Clark Kent already crossed each other’s paths when the lone Kryptonian was saving people from a collapsing oil rig. Momoa said that this was the reason that Clark Kent survived and got back to the shore. Even though the Man of Steel did not become the superhero we know until the second half of the film, the incident did not go unnoticed to the fans’ attention. Too bad Aquaman did not join the fight when General Zod and his Kryptonian minions were wreaking havoc in Metropolis.

Is it just a retcon then?

It is not clear from Jason Momoa’s comments if the connection between Superman and Aquaman was intended or just some part of a smart retcon to fit the two together in the expansion of the DC Film Universe. This was just like when Marvel’s "Spider-Man: Homecoming" was released and Tom Holland said that the boy Iron Man saved from Stark World Expo was the young Peter Parker.

The connection between Tony Stark and Peter Parker suddenly made sense.

Even though "Man of Steel" started the whole DC Film Universe (again), there were barely any details pertaining to the other DC-related mythos. This is because the DCFU was still in its infancy. Comments like this will certainly help fans understand the universe that the films are establishing.

Aquaman will make his first appearance on the upcoming superhero film "Justice League." Together with Batman, Wonder Woman, and Flash, they will save the world from invading aliens lead by Steppenwolf. While this movie will deal about him becoming one of Earth’s heroes, his standalone film will show us how he embraces his royal duties in Atlantis and how he deals with enemies like Ocean Master and Black Manta.