Most Americans love Thanksgiving, gathering with the family to eat to excess, especially on Turkey, stuffing, and all the trimmings. To be sure contemporary politics, with Trump-loving adults sparring with their millennial children, can make the holiday exciting, However, Thanksgiving and all that it stands for seems to have triggered Mayim Bialik, best known for playing Amy on “The Big Bang Theory.” To her, the holiday represents everything she loathes.

Have some political correctness with your feast.

Bialik's first problem with Thanksgiving, according to the Washington Times, seems to come from an uncritical reading of Howard Zinn the notorious Marxist and junk historian.

The holiday reminds her too much of the founding of the United States, which she regards as the mass genocide of the Native American by the barbaric Europeans. The idea of the indigenous people and the settlers sitting down peacefully to eat a feast makes her angry.

And another kind of genocide.

Blalik is a vegan, so the idea of feasting on turkey is just outrageous to her. She is not the sort of non-meat eater who is disposed to respect the culinary choices of other people. Blalik seems to be one of those PETA-style radicals who want to impose her lifestyle on everyone. She is also annoyed at the whole idea of excessive eating, which many people indulge in during Thanksgiving, snoozing off the effects afterward in front of the television.

Too close to the Jewish holidays?

Blalik is finally appalled at Thanksgiving because it is too close to the Jewish holidays. This objection is a strange one and certainly needs clarification. The complaint seems to stem from the fact that many of these celebrations also involve a lot of cooking and eating and that by the time Thanksgiving rolls around, Blalik is just tired of the whole thing.

Despite her compensation for “The Big Bang Theory,” she cannot afford a chef or a cleaning lady.

Pushback arises on social media.

Understandably all of this dumping on a favorite American holiday, especially when it is laced with anti-Americanism and hatred of meat eating, has caused some pushback on social media. Some pointed out that the Nazi holocaust was a far more horrific example of mass slaughter than anything that happened to the Native Americans or, especially, turkeys every year.

To sum up. Blalik, whose character is undoubtedly one of the more beloved on the show she appears in, has become just another one of those annoying celebrities who thinks her opinions matter. If she is ever invited to a Thanksgiving dinner, unlikely because tofu turkey is really gross, she needs to be seated next to a barbecue-loving conservative from Texas.