Have you ever watched an old episode of "The Young and the Restless" and was like, "Wow, I forgot about her or dang I haven't seen him in years?" Then you're not the only one. Over the years on "Y&R," there have been quite a few characters we totally forgot about. Who could blame you? With so many characters on the show, it's hard to keep track.

And so, let's take a moment and think back on some of the "Young and the Restless" characters you've almost certainly forgotten existed.

5. Isabella Brana (Eva Longloria 2001-2003)

If this name sounds familiar to you but you can't put a face to the name.

I totally understand! Isabella Brana was a former call-girl who later went on to become Paul Williams wife. The couple gave birth to Ricardo "Ricky" Carl Williams. Her most memorable episode was when she pretended to be dead in order to frame Christine Blaire for her murder. Meanwhile, she plotted to kidnap Christine. It all climaxed when Isabella confronted Christine in her bathtub. Isabella drugged Christine and was just about to kill her but Paul arrived just in the nick of time. He managed to save Christine's life. Isabella was committed to a mental hospital.

4. Drucilla Winters (Victoria Rowell 1990-2007)

Honestly, who could forget Drucilla Winters? Just in case you did, here's a refresher course.

Drucilla Barber also was known as Dru. She was Olivia Winters' younger sister and bitter rival in the early days. Dru had a very bad relationship with her parents and ran away from home at an early age. Later Dru moved to Genoa City. She eventually married Neil Winters and became Drucilla Winters. One night, Neil's brother Malcolm and Dru had a steamy love scene.

Drucilla got pregnant. The two were so ashamed, they decided to keep their love child and affair a secret. Dru gave birth to Lilly Winters in 1995. Over time, Neil and Dru's relationship started to sour. Interested in pursuing a modeling career, Dru moved to Europe with Lilly. In 2006, she returned to Genoa City. Neil remarried her quickly after he kicked his drinking addiction.

Obviously, Neil eventually found out about Lilly's paternity and was devastated. Drucilla died in 2007 while fighting with Phyllis over a cell phone. They both went over a cliff and Dru's body was never discovered.

3. Nathan Hastings (various actors 1985-1996)

Nathan Hastings was an interesting character. Also known as Kong, he was a former thug for notorious crime lord Joseph Anthony. Nathan with the help of attorney Tyrone Jackson, along with his brother Jazz Jackson and private investigator Andy Richards, flipped on his boss in exchange for immunity. He went on to become a private detective. Later as luck would have it, Nathan arrested a shoplifter while working security in a Department store.

That young shoplifter was none other than Drucilla. He got the charges dropped and soon the two became romantically involved. Problem was, Nate had a wife. The cliffhanger came when Dru found out who Nathan's beloved wife was, her sister, Olivia Hastings. Anyways, the affair ended. Nathan had a son with Olivia, Nate Jr. Years after, Nathan had another affair with Keesha Monroe. This would prove to be the last affair he would ever have because Keesha had HIV. Yeah, it was the '90s. Luckily for Nathan, he didn't catch the virus. In 1996, Nathan met his end in a car accident.

2. Brad Carlton (Don Diamont 1985-2009)

You remember Brad Carlton right? Or as I liked to call him, ladies man Brad. He must have been one of the coolest dudes, other than Victor, on the show.

Brad's first appeared, was way back, in 1985. He started out as a gardener but soon starting dating Tracy Abbott, cha-ching! John Abbott gave him a cushy job at Jabot Cosmetics, he was a natural and rose to the ranks of Head of Sales. He went on to married Tracy Abbott, but as luck would have it, Tracy went away to study. While his wife was away, Brad started a fling with the oh so seductive, Lauren Fenmore. Needless to say, Brad had a lot of women on the show and too many to mention now. Let's just say, he had a good run. In the end, Brad Carlton, died a hero trying to save Noah Newman from drowning in a lake.

1. Rex Sterling (Quinn Redeker 1988-2004)

Rex Sterling was the reason I started watching "Y&R." If you're too young to remember Rex, you missed out.

He made his first appearance in 1988 as a con-artist and ended up becoming a total sweetheart. Rex lived on a park bench and Jill Abbott found him.She dolled him up to seduce her archnemesis, Katherine Chancellor. Rex, however, had a secret, he was actually Brian Romalotti.Brian was a career con-artist with a very bad criminal past. But in typical soap opera fashion, Rex changed and stole the hearts of Jill Abbott and her enemy Katherine Chancellor. Rex was one of those characters who could that. Rex married Katherine but later he married Jill. This guy was definitely the man back in the day. Sadly, he met an untimely end in 2004 when Norman Peterson shot and killed him.

'The Young and the Restless' had a lot of characters

There you have it, five "The Young and the Restless" characters you forgot existed. Honestly, what would the land of primetime television look like without some of these memorable characters from "Young and The Restless?" I only listed five here but there are many more. "The Young and the Restless" has been on for almost half a century, so a lot of characters got lost in the hands of time. Hopefully, I was able to help you remember some characters for the next time you feel like binge-watching old "Y&R" episodes.

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