“Dark Matter’s” Anthony Lemke is back in play, this time in the world of “blindspot”.

Most recently known for his turn as Three on Syfy’s defunct space opera, Lemke will trade one mystery-riddled series for another. Jane (Jamie Alexander) put her past behind her as season 2 came to a close, but with a two-year time jump and a globetrotting premise, season 3 will throw viewers head over heels into a bioluminescent minefield of twists. Lemke, for his part, doesn’t sound as if he’ll be around to make life any easier.

Who Will Anthony Lemke Play on 'Blindspot'?

Cast as Victor, the Canadian native will play a “charming and dangerous fixer” allied with a questionable organization. The role is a recurring one, according to Entertainment Weekly, which means the persona is no case of the week throwaway. Set to debut in episode 9, it appears Victor might have ties to Roman (Luke Mitchell), this year’s big bad.

In mid-October, both actors snapped photos of the Marrakesh airport, indicating that, in addition to Venice, Barcelona, and Australia, “Blindspot” will touch down in Morocco. Apparently, this is one transit hub you want to check into.

“We shot a massive part, like a third of the season opener, in Venice, Italy.

The second episode we’re shooting in Australia. We’re shooting in Barcelona,” series creator Martin Gero told Entertainment Weekly. “I can’t announce the next few places because they’re not confirmed, but the show will have a Bond level scope this year.”

While NBC has allowed other series to travel the globe – “Hannibal” season 3 jumps to mind – it’s certainly not broadcast television’s niche.

Tuning in to this Friday’s premiere will give fans a look at the unorthodox procedural as they have never seen it before.

Next Time on 'Blindspot'

Speaking of the premiere, what should fans expect from “Back to the Grind”? Picking up 18 months after the White House incident and an undetermined amount of time after a Jane/Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) wedding, the season opener will give a three-minute burst of information, catching viewers up on the most relevant moments of the time jump.

And as for the rest of those intervening years? Viewers are just going to have to wait. Jane isn’t suffering from amnesia, but that doesn’t mean everyone will enter the next game knowing all the pieces on the board.

“We’re a show that trades on secrets. Secrets are the gasoline to our storytelling,” Gero explained, according to TV Insider. “What the time jump allows us to do is refill our secret tank, so to speak. Because who knows what these characters have been up to for the past two years?”

Find out more when “Blindspot” returns this Friday at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.