During this Tuesday night's episode of "Below Deck," tensions were high between the chief stewardess aboard the Valor, Kate Chastain, and her third stew, Jen Howell.

Jen does not blame Kate for the drama

Despite the amount of fighting, bad-mouthing, and eye-rolling that has occurred between Kate and Jen, Jen apparently thinks that another crew member is responsible for the drama.

Jen described her relationship with Kate as a "friendship," even though the chief stewardess made it very clear during the last episode that the two of them were "not friends." Jen told Bravo's The Daily Dish that "working in such close quarters" with her crew made them all feel like a "big family" and although they may "fight like cats and dogs," they "make up 30 seconds later."

As a so-called "green" stewardess, a yachtie term meaning inexperienced, Jen thought that she and Kate's relationship began as a "blossoming friendship" but said that once "people got bored," they began to have "boat flings" and "stir the pot," throwing some "untruths out there." Jen was obviously talking about "Below Deck" co-star Brianna Adekeye.

Brianna and Nico formed a romantic relationship about mid-way through the season. Jen also seemed to think that she was doing the majority of the work on the boat when that was far from the case.

Who was stirring the pot?

Howell claimed that Bri was "having her fun" while the tension was "mounting" between her and Kate, adding that she thought Bri had told Kate things that were not true. The reality star also said that when she and Kate would get into arguments, she felt that Bri was "standing on the sidelines" and "eating her popcorn watching what she's put into play."

"Below Deck" ended this week with Kate and Jen on bad terms, however, Jen said that when filming ended, she and her boss were able to reconcile.

They realized that they were both "sassy and witty" and that they "just really got each other."

While Jen has hope for a future friendship with Kate, the same cannot be said for Bri. She claimed that the bickering and "abuse" she endured showed her that she could "overcome these obstacles that are thrown" at her, which in turn brought her "closer" in her "friendship" with Kate, saying "I thank you Bri.

Thank you, Bri."

Kate and Jen have actually been spotted together since they wrapped up filming for "Below Deck," so maybe Jen is not as far off base as she usually is with this one.

Jen has even said that she would work with her "Below Deck" co-star again. However, Jen did not seem to really enjoy the responsibilities of being a stewardess aboard a yacht...

like cleaning.

Jen thinks that her relationship with Kate would have been great throughout the season if it were not for Bri although, Kate has made her feelings about Jen pretty clear and it never seemed to have anything to do with Bri. Do you think that Bri was stirring the pot to cause drama between Kate and Jen? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.