In this week's episode of the popular FX series, "American Horror Story: Cult," things sure did take a turn. For the worst or for the better, nobody's really sure. One thing we do know is that we sure do love this new side to Ally! She has finally taken hold of her anxieties and has stopped letting people walk all over her. She has shown us her dark side. Finally. But now, it seems as though there may be an unlikely member added to the cult.

Is Oz now a part of the cult?

In Episode 9, we saw Kai (Evan Peters), the cult leader and mastermind of literally everything that's going on, doing the pinky swear with Ally and Ivy's son Oz.

As we've seen from the previous episodes, this is how he initiates new cult members.

After we see Kai doing the pinky swear with Oz, we then hear Oz call him "daddy." That's right, Kai told Oz that he is his "real daddy." Which he isn't, as Sarah Paulson's character, Ally, proves that it's not true by going directly to the sperm bank for the documentation on her and Ivy's sperm donor.

Ally then has the documents altered to make it seem as though Kai really is the father and brings the documents to him, to show him that he was telling the truth, thus making him believe that they'd created a "messiah baby."

With this being said, it does seem as though Oz really is a part of the cult now, but not by his choice or his mother's.

Obviously, Ally has a devious plan on how to get her and her son out, and it started with killing her wife, Ivy.

How was killing Ivy a way for Ally to get herself and Oz out of the cult?

Ivy was the first in the family to join the cult. Long story short, Ivy set her wife up to look as though she was cheating with Winter, thus causing her to leave and take Oz with her.

Little did fans know, Ivy was actually cheating on Ally with Winter.

Eventually, Ally found out, and she found out about the cult thing as well. Clearly, she was not happy as it put their family in danger. But knowing that her wife was the one tormenting her with her anxieties and using them against her, somehow made her overcome them altogether.

This is when she unleashed her dark side.

To get back at her wife, she poisoned her with arsenic. This was her first step into getting her and her son out of the cult. Although Ivy had apologized for everything, Ally knew that she couldn't trust her anymore. It also coincidentally proved to Kai that Ally was willing to do the unthinkable, making her more trustworthy as a cult member. Making it easier to play Kai like a fiddle and manipulate her way out of the cult. Which is exactly what she is doing.

Basically, this week's episode has shown us a much different and darker side to Ally. It's shown us just how methodical and smart she actually is. It'll be really interesting to see how the rest of the season plays out.