Wendy Williams is the host of "The Wendy Williams Show" and is an extremely popular TV personality. Wendy has become the latest victim of online rumors as there are claims her husband cheated on her. The rumors have not been confirmed or denied, and the public is wondering what Wendy will do next.

The talk show host is trying to be strong

According to Hollywood Life, Wendy Williams is trying to put on a brave face in the wake of the cheating scandal surrounding her husband. Rumors are currently circulating that Kevin Hunter had an affair with one of his female friends named Sharina Hudson.

While the rumors have not yet been confirmed, Wendy is not taking them lightly as Kevin has cheated on her before.

In a report by E! News, it has been revealed that Kevin is claiming that he did not have an affair. He has expressed his innocence to his wife, however; Wendy does not fully believe him. Kevin continues to insist that Sharina Hudson is simply a friend. Wendy has since revealed that she is not comfortable with her husband having female friends, as she does not trust him after he cheated on her the first time.

In a report by Hollywood Life, a source close to Wendy Williams has claimed that Wendy is deeply hurt by the rumors. The source stated that Wendy could not believe that her husband has put her in this position, and is furious with Kevin.

The source has claimed that Wendy and Kevin have had ongoing trust issues for many years now and that these reports have not helped their relationship.

Despite the trouble, the pair are working to stay together

According to E! News, Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter are still together. Wendy Williams addressed the rumors about her husband on her Talk Show Host "The Wendy Williams show" and advised her audience to google her husband to see the entire story.

Wendy then explained that she and Kevin are still a couple and do not intend to get a divorce.

In a report by Hollywood Life, Williams stated clearly that she is standing with her man. This has led to the belief that the talk show host is in denial about the state of her relationship. It has been confirmed that Wendy Williams warned her husband that he is on very thin ice.

The talk show host does not want to go through a divorce but has warned Kevin Hunter to watch himself.

These rumors began only days after Wendy Williams, and Kevin Hunter returned from a romantic vacation together. This makes the news even harder for Wendy to digest perhaps leading to her denial.