Wednesday’s segment of “Role Call” on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” proved to be loads of fun as Julia Roberts made a trip down memory lane to recall a few of her best film roles. With much hilarity from the audience, the duo launched into a slightly under 10-minute round of 26 skits relating to her roles, complete with costume and “hair” changes, various props and appropriate backgrounds.

From ‘Notting Hill’ to ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ in less than 10 minutes

Role Call” launches with a brief “Notting Hill” scene, followed by Corden playing the role of the painting of Mona Lisa.

They then both convincingly leap onto a “motorcycle” for a segment on “Larry Crowne,” staying on the road for a skit on “Runaway Bride.” This was followed by various clips including a huge pile of pancakes in “America’s Sweethearts” and a mound of spaghetti in “Eat Pray Love” after which Corden poses cutely in “Closer.”

Pretty Woman” led to rousing applause from the studio audience as Roberts appeared to be not much older than she was when she first made the film, while Corden looked cute in a blond wig.

Julia Roberts plugs her new film ‘Wonder’

“Valentine’s Day” moved smoothly into “Mother’s Day” and then came “Stepmom.” Along the way, Roberts managed to plug her new movie, “Wonder,” as she tells Corden he isn’t ugly.

Looking confused, Corden replied that he knows he isn’t ugly, asking Roberts who said he was? This was followed by Roberts "discreetly" plugging her new film which releases in theaters on November 17.

This was followed by “Mirror Mirror,” where Corden fatally bites into the apple, followed by him lying prostrate for Roberts’ unsuccessful attempts to revive him in “Flatliners.” A cute Tinkerbell then floats in the air in front of Peter Pan for the skit on “Hook,” followed by a fetching spider and pig and Roberts serving Corden a glass of not-so-tasty water, followed by various other skits.

Nod to George Clooney and the twins

One of the funniest scenes was a skit on “Ocean’s 11” and “Ocean’s 12,” where Corden appears in a grey wig, holding a cup in one hand, a bottle in the other and two baby dolls securely strapped to his chest. When Roberts looked shocked and asked what he was doing, he responded that he was “being George Clooney,” and that he had tequila and coffee – then pointed to his chest and said, “and a couple of these” in reference to George and Amal’s recently born twins.

The “Role Call” segment ended with a brief scene from “My Best Friend’s Wedding” where both Roberts and Corden sang a duet of “I Say A Little Prayer” to resounding applause.

Enjoy the fun on "The Late Late Show with James Corden" in the video below.