Following the worst mass shooting in American history, big time names in Hollywood have been using their popularity to call for an increase in Gun Control. In response, right-wing firebrand Tomi Lahren has decided to lash out.

Tomi on Hollywood

Last Sunday night in Las Vegas, 64-year-old Stephen Paddock broke through the window of his hotel room located on the 32nd floor and unloaded hundreds of bullets into a crowd attending the Route 91 Harvest Festival. Over the next 11 minutes, 59 people were killed, leaving over 500 injured, including Paddock who killed himself before law enforcement could break into his room.

The response following the shooting was as expected, with liberals calling for increased gun control, while conservative deflected from the conversation. Donald Trump and the White House have stayed most mun on the topic, hinting that only "bump stocks" could be up for negotiation. On the left, Hollywood celebrities have used their platform to plead for better gun control laws, highlighted by an emotional speech from talk show host Jimmy Kimmel. Responding with anger at the gun control push from Hollywood was Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren, who went off during the October 6 edition of "Final Thoughts."

Kicking off her Friday edition of "Final Thoughts" on Fox News, Tomi Lahren wasted no time getting triggered into a rant over Hollywood and "liberal elites" attempting to push gun control on conservatives.

"I am pretty sick and tired of hearing these liberal entertainers....lecture the rest of us on our Second Amendment rights," Lahren said to kick off her monologue.

Tomi Lahren accused celebrities and liberals of politicizing the Las Vegas shooting to push their agenda, stating they "mixed their crocodile tears with their anti-gun BS" in an attempt to "shame law-abiding gun owners." Lahren then cited the part in the 2nd Amendment where it says "shall not be infringed," noting that there shouldn't be an exception "if Jimmy Kimmel, Trevor Noah, Kim Kardashian or Lady Gaga see fit." The blonde bombshell went on to say she was "sick of elitists looking down on gun owners," before name dropping other stars like Whoopi Goldberg and J.K.


Next up

While it's unknown whether or not gun control will be an issue that a Republican-controlled Congress will be willing to have following the mass shooting in Las Vegas, the NRA did announce this week that they would support a law change on bump stocks, which enabled Stephen Paddock to convert his guns into more lethal weapons. As the left and right continue to argue over the issue at hand, Americans wait to see what unfolds, just hoping to avoid the next massacre.