It's the Season 8 premiere of #TheWalkingDead and it's 100th episode. Let's recap. It starts with the three communities enacting their plan for war. We see an arrow land near Dwight and he takes a note off of it that says “Tomorrow.” He later sends one back to Daryl. Rick, Ezekiel, and Maggie stand in the middle of a crowd, giving speeches. Tara notes the time.

Old Man Rick?

We see a series of bright, somewhat fuzzy scenes throughout the show. It’s of an older Rick. Gray hair and beard with a cane. The first time we see him, he’s sleeping in bed.

The second time he gets up and greets Michonne we are given a brief glimpse of the back of Carl.

The third time, Judith, maybe 6 years old, hugs Rick and tells him about an owl statue. They talk about the festival, then go outside to where a garden is flourishing and there is a stone house. These scenes are accompanied by scenes of what looks like a close up of present Rick crying.

Starting a War

Carl stops for gas. He hears a man talking and pulls out his gun to check it out. When the man sees him, he says he only wants food, but is scared off by gunshots from Rick. “I shot above his head.” Rick is careful because the man could be a spy. Carl walks away saying there won't be enough hope.

Daryl is killing saviors and crossing off the list Dwight gave him.

Gabriel and Rick chat. They discuss how one man brought on this war and Gabriel reminds Rick that this isn’t about Rick and Rick made it that way. Rick comes out and kisses Judith’s head. He kisses Michonne and hugs Carl. “This is the end.” He leaves in one of the metal sheet-covered vehicles and Michonne tells Carl she'll help him defend Alexandria.

“This is your show.”

Rick stabs a Savior and rummages through his stuff. “You gonna beg again, Rick? Your boy’s gonna die.” Rick releases the nearby walker and it eats the man alive.

The Hilltop, Alexandria and the Kingdom residents gather in a field with their armored vehicles. They have chats with each other. Eric is seen praying for the first time.

In the middle are Ezekiel, Maggie, Rick and Jesus. Maggie jokes about waging a war in her second trimester and Ezekiel says that they have a very good doctor in the Kingdom. Jesus tells him that the Hilltop will get their doctor back. Ezekiel and Jesus leave and Maggie tells Rick that he showed her how to be worth following. He tells her after this “I’m going to follow you.”

Tara, Carol, Daryl and Morgan wait for a walker horde to walk around the corner. They leave and a car blows up. Cars pull out of the Savior base and Morgan and Daryl set up trip wire.

10, 9, 8, 7, Go

Back at the base, the men hear the gate walkers and Dwight walks off. The two on the roof get sniped, then the armored vehicles come up and the residents get out and shoot off their guns into the air.

Negan comes out and tells Rick that he’s not going to endanger his people by having a shootout. Rick tells the Saviors that if they surrender, he’ll let them survive. Negan asks about himself, but they both know what will happen to Negan.

Simon brings Gregory outside and Gregory tells them that the Hilltop stands for Negan and the Saviors and anyone who sides with Rick will be kicked out, along with their family. No one moves. “Hilltop stands with Maggie,” Jesus shouts. Simon pushes Gregory down the stairs in anger. Rick counts down to 7, then shoots and Negan runs.

The horde follows Morgan, Carol, Tara and Daryl. Carol and Daryl hug, then everyone, except Daryl gets in the car and leaves. He checks his ammo, then rides off on his motorcycle, shooting cars and barrels to cause explosions.

The horde follows.

An armored truck runs into the Savior gate and Gabriel jumps out, then Rick blows it up. Negan runs to a nearby wall and Gabriel stops Rick from going to finish him. Rick leaves, but Gabriel spots Gregory and goes to help him. Gregory takes the vehicle, leaving Gabriel to struggle through the horde. He ends up in a trailer with Negan. “I hope you got your shitting pants on.”

Carl leaves an apology note and food for the man Rick scared off. Carol and others from the Kingdom shoot at a Savior in a parking lot and he throws a grenade at them. There is a lot of smoke. A red-eyed Rick re-appears. “My mercy prevails over my wrath.” And it goes back to Rick giving his speech to the crowd.