The Walking Dead” season 8 premiered on Sunday, 22 October on AMC channel. According to Forbes, this installment will be filled with action and multiple shocking twists. Several official preview teasers have given away important plot details too. For example, the fans are aware that a new character will be leading Alexandria’s pact in “The Walking Dead.” Season eight’s first episode was titled, “Mercy,” and the viewers got a glimpse of a mysterious man.

Cast and characters

According to Variety, this character is introduced at an empty gas station.

Carl Grimes – played by actor, Chandler Riggs, is seen being approached by him. The report speculates that this might be Heath, played by Corey Hawkins. But the preview shows as Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) not identifying him. Therefore, the chances of this mystery character being Heath are less. For those who don’t know, Heath and Rick have been acquaintances in the past. It wouldn’t take time for Rick to realize the Mystery Man’s true identity. In the episode, Carl is seen expressing his interest in getting to know this mystery man furthermore. But he is being discouraged by Rick. He feels that since they don’t know a lot about his background, it is best that they stay away from him. He has his doubts intact – on whether the mystery man might be a spy for the Saviors.


According to a report by Metro, the term “Mercy,” which has been mentioned in the phrase that appeared in the episode (“May My Mercy Prevail Over My Wrath”), as well as the episode title, is a direct reference to something important. The report speculates that this is a reference being made to the original comic books.

A character named “Siddiq” is being called “Mercy,” in the show. His name has been changed in the series for reasons unknown. Mercy’s character is being portrayed by actor, Avi Nash.

The eighth episode went on to confirm that Christian Serratos – who plays Rosita Espinosa, will be a part of the season this time. In “The Walking Dead” season 7, Espinosa was seen being shot.

But it seems that she will survive the bullet wound. It will take time for her to show up this season. This time, Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) along with his pact of Saviors will take on some unexpected attack at the Sanctuary. They will remain unaware of significant dangers till the end. The Walkers have been given greater power and dominance in this installment of “The Walking Dead.”