A former cast member from "The Walking Dead" will join "iZombie" season 4 on The CW. Daniel Bonjour, who played Aiden Monroe in season 5, will join the "iZombie" ensemble for a multi-episode arc.

Daniel Bonjour will play Levon on "iZombie" season 4 as per TV Line. His character is a documentary filmmaker who is making a story about New Seattle now that the whole world knows it is home to zombies.

Levon will arrive in Seattle to follow up on reports about human smugglers who deliberately bring in dying people so that they can live forever as the undead in the walled city.

Levon will be crossing paths with Liv Moore (Rose McIver).

Aside from starring on “The Walking Dead,” Bonjour was also in the cast of “Frequency” last season. The series also aired on The CW.

Three months later

"iZombie" season 4 will open three months after the events of season 3, as per Bleeding Cool. New Seattle has been walled down to prevent a zombie apocalypse outside, while locals who could not get out of the city try to live harmoniously with the undead.

For a peaceful co-existence, however, the zombies need a steady diet of human brain food. Chase Graves (Jason Dohring) becomes the city's new leader who oversees the supply of human brains, but it won't be enough to sustain the growing number of zombies.

Rose McIver's character won't like how Graves handles New Seattle, though.

“It’s sort of an authoritarian dictatorship, which obviously she doesn’t respond to, but she also knows that zombies and humans co-existing is an incredible stretch,” Rose McIver said of Graves' leadership as per Comic Book. “How do we find a way that makes everybody feel safe, that makes nobody feel marginalized?

It’s so on-point politically right now,” the actress further said.

Meanwhile, zombies with money won’t have many problems in New Seattle because they have resources. Blaine (David Anders) will control the black market for human zombie brains, and it’s the rich he’ll mostly cater to. Graves will keep his hands off Blaine’s operation.

Season 4’s return

The CW has not yet given "iZombie" season 4 a premiere date, but it will most likely return around spring 2018 with 13 episodes. The previous seasons are currently streaming on Netflix.

iZombie” also stars Robert Buckley (Major), Malcolm Goodwin (Clive), Rahul Kohli (Ravi) and Aly Michalka (Peyton). Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero created the show based on a Vertigo comic book series.