The famous Kardashian family reportedly re-signed a contract to stay with E! and the new deal will make the family earn about $150 million. On Tuesday (Oct. 24), Kris Jenner, the family's matriarch, confirmed the news at the WWD Apparel & Retail CEO Summit in New York City. She added that after 10 years of being with the network, E! just made an overall deal with the Kardashians and the network will pay them $30 million each for the next five seasons.

It was also on Tuesday when Jenner opened up about her family, and she's very excited that three more will be added to their clan by 2018.

With the hefty payday they've received from the new deal, it is up to the family to decide on how they'll divide the money among them, Entertainment Tonight reported.

A massive contract deal

The famous Kardashian-Jenner clan's massive contract deal is reportedly a pay raise compared to what they had earned in the past 10 years. A report obtained by Yahoo! confirmed that E! is staggering the payment in the next five seasons of the show. This means that Kris, Kim, Kourtney, Kylie, Kendall, and Khloe will earn $30 million per season. The renewal also means that the Kardashians will be back on screen for another five exciting seasons.

While the money will be divided among the siblings, a source revealed that the deal is already structured for the family to have it equally-divided among them all.

The Kardashians are set to rock E! until 2019. This means viewers still have a few years more to enjoy this family's craziness and fun.

Filming is on its way

While the Kardashians announced their multi-year deal with E!, it was also revealed that filming for "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" Season 15 has just started.

The next five seasons of the show will give viewers the chance to see the next generations of the Kardashians. Jenner is also excited to welcome the new addition to their family, as Kim, Khloe, and Kylie are set to welcome their babies in 2018.

During her recent interview, Jenner added that she had always taught her kids the importance of family.

When asked about Khloe and Kylie's pregnancy, the family's matriarch added that she believed that her daughters are already equipped to face whatever circumstances come their way. It was learned last month that the Kardashian sisters are pregnant with their first child. In the midst of the pregnancy news, Jenner added that she has always been proud of her daughters.