The latest updates and spoilers of "The Flash" Season 6 reveal the identity of the Earth X Flash in the "Arrowverse crossover event, "Crisis on Earth X." The Nazi speedster will be joined by fellow teammates Overgirl and Prometheus X as they invade Earth 1 and ruin Barry Allen and Iris West's wedding day.

Cast member Jessica Camacho revealed more details about Gypsy's father, Breacher and how his brand of "tough love" will affect the romantic relationship between his daughter and Cisco Ramon.

Harrison Wells as Nazi Flash?

The Suffering Sappho Twitter page posted new behind-the-scenes photos of the "Crisis on Earth X" that revealed the identity of the Nazi Flash and he turns out to be another Harrison Wells doppelganger.

The Nazi speedster will don a yellow suit similar to Eobard Thawne, but with two lightning bolts on his insignia and he wears a face mask to hide his face.

"The Flash" TV has been known to introduce multiverse duplicates of Harrison Wells and Tom Cavanagh announced at San Diego Comic-Con that a new Wells will be coming to season 4. Several Twitter users posted other BTS photos of the "Arrowverse" crossover, which featured Green Arrow fighting Prometheus X and Overgirl jumping off to the church.

The DC TV heroes will join forces with The Ray and his Freedom Fighters to stop the invaders from bringing their Nazi army and regime to their home.

More details on Breacher

Jessica Camacho revealed more interesting about Danny Trejo's Breacher in "The Flash" season 4 as she told Collider that she was excited to work with Trejo and stated that "The Machete" star will not let the audience down.

Breacher is Gypsy's father from Earth 19 and he will provide the joy and comedy within the show. He will make his debut in episode 4 as he hunts down Cisco for dating his daughter. Camacho stated in a separate interview that Cisco must prove his "worthiness" to Breacher as the latter does not think highly of him.

"Her dad is quite terrifying.

He is protective of his baby girl. In his eyes, no one is good enough for his baby girl," Camacho told Comic Book Resources. "Enter Cisco, who abruptly meets him. Cisco is forced to prove his worthiness to Breacher. Just as bad as Gypsy is, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree."

Trejo's character will be joined by Ralph Dibny a.k.a.

Elongated Man in episode 4, and he is the childhood nemesis of Barry Allen in the show. Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg stated that Dibny's powers are one of the biggest mysteries this season, and his sense of right and wrong will challenge Barry's resolve.