The Flash” Season 3 kicked off with Barry Allen’s (Grant Gustin) return while the next episodes are set to show us how the experience inside the Speed Force changed his life. It can be recalled that the realm is the one capable of giving power and abilities to speedsters from different multi-verse.

During the previous season, Allen gave up his freedom after defeating Savitar by entering the Speed Force. According to Cinema Blend, he did this to stop Central City from destruction since there was no speedster occupying the speed force prison. Now that Flash has returned, viewers possibly have questions about his experience inside another realm.

Did Barry see his future?

When Barry Allen returned, several things turn out to be different about him. He was not the same person that he used to, which resulted in an equally unfamiliar effect in the episode. Allen was blurting out random phrases like, "melting stars," "we're gonna need more diapers," and "Your honor, I'm innocent. I didn't do this. I didn't kill anybody."

Cinema Blend pointed out that these things probably pertain to his future. After all, diapers make sense once he and Iris (Candice Patton) get married and have babies. However, being accused of killing someone else is another mystery. In the end, high are the chances that Barry indeed saw something about his future.

The question is, how much of it was he allowed and able to see?

With Allen’s state after returning from the speed force, it only suggests that he witnessed undeniable hardships are happening in the future.

Mysteries inside the Speed Force

Starting with the most basic question whether Barry Allen was allowed to poop or not, how did he really live inside the speed force for six months? Flash has entered the extra-dimensional realm a few times and he previously revealed that those who are stuck in there do not age.

They will be stuck in a time loop, which is basically out of time. Therefore, someone will remain okay as long as they are not hungry (or is done pooping) before entering the speed force.

While it remains a question how his beard grew, we cannot be entirely sure about the exceptions unless Flash lays them all out. Meanwhile, there is also a possibility that Allen was running the whole time he was in the Speed Force.

During the premiere episode, he returned to Central City naked despite the fact that he entered the realm well-dressed. Furthermore, one cannot deny that entering Speed Force had a good effect on Barry due to the upgrade of his power and the inner healing it brought him. “The Flash” Season 4 airs every Tuesday on The CW.